Aqeedah al-Hamawiyah

Ali al-Tamimi

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

3 Responses to “ Ali al-Tamimi – Aqeedah al-Hamawiyah ”

  1. lisa says:

    can I download these lectures somewhere please?
    Please send me a link to my email if I can download them
    Jazak Allah khayr.

  2. Abdullah ibn Ahsan says:

    People should be careful. The website listed by the brother above is a so-called Salafi website. The Salafi/wahabis are a group the appeared about 200 years ago and declared that many muslims were committing shirk and proceeded to murder and pillage in Taif, Mecca, and Medina. Eventually the were defeated but during WW1 they sided against the Ottoman Empire and attacked them with their British weapons. After the war they were rewarded by being given Arabia by the British which Is why it is called Saudi Arabia now. Ibn Saud was Abdul Wahab’s partner in crime so to speak. Anyone with doubts about what I am saying should look up the history themselves. They have a very sophisticated way of spreading their teachings by taking things out of context and twisting words and all of it is backed by petro dollars. Most are moderate these days but the extremist groups you see on tv these days follow there methodology in their understanding Islam, using verses in the Quran meant for disbelievers and using them against believers in a way where to the novice it may seem to make sense on the surface. They are quick to call many things innovations or bida and many tend to look for faults in others, at least from my experience of being around them.

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