Common Questions by Non-Muslims

Bilal Philips

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  1. idreis says:

    I love the way mr bilal phillips explains, the quran in plain english for anyone to understand, muslims need jobs & qualifications in media, & we need our own media, eg, newspapers & t.v channels to tell the real story not the junk & lies we are told now. As for men being allowed to have 4 wifes it makes sence to me because alot men have alot more energy , love , & wealth to be able to take care of these woman , it also prevents major sins like adultry , fornication , rape & prostitution.

  2. Habib says:

    Salam alaikum,

    typical answer: but you can ask any women, no one ist happy to see her men be married with another one or more. Just because of the mens who can’t control themselves the womens have to suffer. Just because they can’t control their nafs, others have to support this; what kind of logic is that?.

    Wa salam

  3. Hafiz Ali says:

    great alhamdolillah

  4. yusha says:

    most women may not like the fact that men are allowed to marry up to four women however it has its perpose in islam, can be found in te Quran and was practiced by the prophet(swa) and the sahaba. this aspect of islam is not even a fundamental pillar of our deen however most women who object to it hastily based on jealously and other emotional conflicts cause their men more harm than good. would u like to have an unknown mistress instead with kids for ur husband or he goes to prostitutes. it is hard sisters to accept but dont let this be ur reason for making up the numbers of women in the hellfire. encourage ur husband to provide u with ur rightgs and obigations and vice versa this too u can overcome with patience and pray. wa alikum assalaam.

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