The Angels and Jinn

Bilal Philips

2 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – The Angels and Jinn ”

  1. Trapstar2511 says:

    Alhumdidallah! May Allah(swt) reward u for ur work. Awareness is key we shall have no excuses when we all see Allah on that daywhich is filled withhorror and man will offer up any excuses. Nice lecture. Do the nonmuslims have anytruth?! I doubt it. You’ll better quit false worshiping. You follow Isa(as) Jesus then u must be MUSLIM!!

    • Adib says:

      Absolutely amazing lecture… well agreed wid Trapstar. We have no idea how many muslims and others are fooled today because they dont know about angels and the jinns. Why in the world wud there be a Juz in the quran dedicated to the jiinns! why else wud there be many hadith about angels! Subhannallah this area needs to be gained more knowledge of. Hence, we may give better da{wah, not be scared of anything but god, and increase our faith through patience. May allah swt bless dr bilal phillips and may we all live as a ummah and enter jannatul firdaws by gaining knowledge and acting upon them! ameen!

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