The True Message of Jesus(pbuh)

Bilal Philips

2 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – The True Message of Jesus(pbuh) ”

  1. Maria says:

    Good presentation. May have to listen to it one more time. Alot of information to valuable to pass through one time. Having come from a very devout Christian background and embracing Islam two years ago, JESUS (PBUH)is and will remain special to me. In fact, for my personal experience, it was he that led me to islam.

    Thanks again!

    • Jules Rensch says:

      Thank you Sister Maria….love the way you credit Messenger Jesus (pbuh) as guiding you towards Islam…
      Trully, progressive revelation at work…..Adam, Abraham, Moses, The Buddha, Krishna etc.
      I experience, much the same!
      salaam alaikum
      respectfully, Observer Jules

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