Contemporary Issues: Aliens & Euthanasia

Bilal Philips

8 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – Contemporary Issues: Aliens & Euthanasia ”

  1. Ridwan says:

    First of all, what an odd combination of topics!

    Second, as far as aliens go(and forgive me if this argument is un-Islamic), the speaker says that Rasulula(SAWS) would have given us information about aliens if they existed but because he didn’t specifically mention the Borg that they don’t exist. His argument holds no water, if only because he gives no ayat of Al-Qur’an. Rasulula did not tell us how to set up public transportation, yet I don’t see Mr.Philips decrying light rail as haraam.

    • Ahmad says:

      Muhammad(PBUH) gave us complete info in religious matters…….Bilal phillips is right….Transport and other things are worldly matters….
      There is a distinction b/w wordly and religious matters…..
      In Religious matters,Nothing new can be invented…….

    • Ahmad says:

      there is a difference in Religious matters and worldly matters bro!!!!!you should check a lecture of DR.Zakir naik about it………

      In worldly thing,All is halal except which is mentioned to be haraam…
      While in religious matters,All other things are biddah except which are told to be done…..

  2. Basheer says:

    It’s best to be open to ideas and to think things through thoroughly before formulating an (arrogant) opinion.

    The belief in Aliens serves no purpose and it has no benefit in the Muslim’s life, whether if he lived in the time of our Prophet (SAW) or in present times or in the future. What Dr. Philips is saying is that if the belief in them or the awareness of them served a purpose and if it benefited this ummah, our Prophet (SAW) would have let us know about it by the Permission of Allah (SWT). Our main goal is the next life, and to attain that we need to worship Allah (SWT) to the greatest extent in this life. The belief in aliens or dinosaurs, etc, does not help us worship Allah (SWT) nor does it protect us from harm, therefore, we don’t need to know about their existence or else our Prophet (SAW) would have let us know about it by the permission of Allah (SWT).

    The Dajjal, on the other hand, is a creature or human we need to be aware of. Allah’s Messenger (SAW) let us know about it and warned us about the coming of the Dajjal because the belief in it serves a purpose (protecting the ummah).

  3. sabrina says:

    well I believe ALLAH IS THE MASTER CREATOR look at HIS creations look what’s in deep sea,IN HUMAN BODIES ONLY known as complicated system or organism the cells and nerves and etc. he has created so many things that is impossible for human being to you study and reason it somehow …we don’t need to understand what is it but its there .ALIENS IS A POSSIBILITY AND anything is possible they are just creation like us my point is lets focus on what is important as basher said …..not everything we are supposed to know and complicate things…simplicity is the best knowledge and existence of things are best known to ALLAH even the last hour is known to HIM only.may Allah GUIDE US TO THE RIGHT PATH AMIN

    • Ahmad says:

      Well you are Sabrina, but wat is he saying is that. The idea of aliens is that there are some other intelictual living things and they are superior to us. But in Quran Allah SWAT says that I created humans ashraful makhloqat superior of all. So that idea in contrary to this that is why we should believe on it. There are 2 kind of intelectual creations human and jin and humans are superior.

  4. M I Latif says:

    I agree with basheer,& i also think the idea of aliens was created by the american government,to keep us occupied,& to distsract us from the belief in god.

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