Contemporary Issues: Marriage to Non Muslim

Bilal Philips

8 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – Contemporary Issues: Marriage to Non Muslim ”

  1. Hasan Noor says:

    You guys are doing a very good job. People are benefiting a lot from this website. May Allah reward you guys and guide us all. Aameen
    Thank You
    Keep up the good work

  2. Denis says:

    I have cristian whife, she whas not virgin and she whas not marriet before, but she start to go somethimes in the Mosk, pray somethimes and post first ramadan this year, what you think is that merriage haram!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Good points, but any decent Christian man would not ask his wife to do anything immoral.

  4. […] Marriage: muslim girl, non-muslim guy – 1 Minute Ago…-to-non-muslim A good presentation on this topic by Bilal Phillips. However when is explaining that a non Muslim […]

  5. Me says:

    The speaker is forgetting the fact that regardless of whether there is a divorce between muslim man and his christian/jew wife, the kids of such marrianges are rarely muslims as the upbringing of the children is primarily the responsibility of mothers. Fathers are often busy working to provide for their families. How can you even expect a christian/jew mother to raise her children as muslims if she doens’t even believe in it? This is just so ridiculous. Any muslim man who marries a christian/jew woman does not care about his own religion to begin with, let alone his children’s. Anyone man who cares about his religion will never marry a non-muslim woman.

  6. haris says:

    I think before talking about Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mr. Bilal shall remember that he had done much more than any muslim scholar in last centurary. more that one third muslims are leaving in freedom from occupation of british and hindu majority just because of this person. May Allah bless Mr. Jinnah with blessing.

  7. TOHIDUL ISLAM says:

    dear sir, i like this programme very much. i also feel froud invited to others religions in ISLAM. how can i will be success regarding matter you have any good suggestion for me and if you explain by a mail i will be greatful to you. “” thanks a lot.

  8. Refarqr Peerbux says:

    Every human being is on the same level in Allah’s judgement,because Allah is so accurate in His judgement.No matter in what you believe,does not categories you as better that another person.Every individual has got his own belief as like his thumb print.Our ego will say that we are alw right and our upbringing influences our feelings and beliefs.If we can’t marry someone because he/she believes and lives differently,then we can’t marry anyone.What is common among human beings,is our different beliefs.Islam is tolerance!Those who say we cannot cohabit if we don’t follow the same way of living are real evil,igniting hate in our hearts.

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