Controlling Anger

Husain Abdul Sattar

16 Responses to “ Husain Abdul Sattar – Controlling Anger ”

  1. Akhi says:

    Salam, a great self reflection talk. Tq

  2. jubril says:

    salam, mashaAllah i love this brother’s reflections.

  3. Sis A says:

    nice lecture mashAllah!

  4. Asif says:

    thanks for this beautiful lecture Inshallah i will implement

  5. ed says:

    Jazak Allah Khair, it’s such a great lecture.

  6. Assalaamu Alaikum this has been a very beneficial talk for me,I will implement in my daily life.this video is has benefits for the muslims and none muslims.

  7. hamda says:

    mashallah wonderful lecture that taught me alot…mashallah!

  8. Hamdi says:

    This was a very good lecture, mashallah. I finally understand how to make good use of my anger. jazakallah

  9. saliymsalik says:

    mashallah very enlighting talk being a contractor in s.c. truly alot of valid points the br, express i seen me regardsing my anger inshallah i will work on it

    jazak allah khair

  10. Faraz says:

    He’s also an excellent Pathology teacher!

  11. fiyaz says:

    masha allah a very good lecture

  12. hina says:

    for some reason I am unable to download this lecture.Is this problem in the site or in my computer.

  13. talib says:

    salaam hina,

    right click and “save as…” the little download link

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jazzakhalayhikhair for a beautiful lecture.

  15. Issa Oumarou says:

    Ma sha Allah, great way to start a morning! Jazak Allah kheiran.

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