Bilal Philips

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8 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – Dajjal ”

  1. […] For more information about Anti-Christ you can refer to the following lecture: http://www.halaltube.com/bilal-philips/video/dajjal […]

  2. […] http://www.halaltube.com/tawfique-chowdhury/audio/the-coming-of-the-mahdi Bilal Philips: Dajjal – http://www.halaltube.com/bilal-philips/video/dajjal These are only a few of the many lectures and sources of Knowledge on this topic. There are a lot […]

  3. AbdulVaahed says:

    In this link you can clearly see the collaboration of this
    charlatan Kaaroon Yahyaa
    with “anti matter” (=which claims matter is not real, but an illusion!)
    Gnostic Crusader Christians,
    that is the MESSIAH DAJJAAL ideology!


    May Allah protect all of us from these kind of false Crusader Ideologies
    and their agents and collaborators!

    May Allah be very pleased with the respected Arap and Turkish Islamic Scholars & Institutes (like Arabic Religious Affairs Department and Bilal Philips, like Turkish Religious Affairs Department and respected Turkish Scholars)
    who sincerely and knowledgeably warned us against these kind of CRUSADER & DAJJAALIC collaborative ideologies and plots!

    We should not forget that ISLAMIC DAJJAAL will mix the falsehood with the truth (like Samarian did, when he mixed the fistful of holy dust that he obtained from Messenger of Allah’s standing place
    with the unholy golden calf, as clearly pointed out in Kuran Taha 95-97).

    Insaallah, all the respected Islamic Scholars may soon give the same verdict to this Islamic Dajjaal (=Kaaroon Yahyaa) what Moses gave to that charlatan Samarian (Taha 97-98)!

    Then we should very much thank our Allah who created the universe & matter as an absolute REALITY outside of us (Ibrahim 19),
    not as a satanic ILLUSION like that Gnostic Crusaders and their collaborators & agents (=Kaaroon Yahyaa) wrongfully claim (in the above link)!

    Our best protector is Allah!
    Salaamun ala nebiyyihi Muhammad (PBUH)!

  4. Warsame Mohamed says:


    Dear brothers/sis

    First of all thanks to brother Bilal lectures, he is among my favorite cullema jus like brother Yahya and Imran Hosein as well.

    Like the brother mension, that Prophet MUHAMED(PUHM) said that the written of the letter KAAFIR will be written on the DAJJAL’s fowrhead.

    As we notice now days, TAATOOS became more fashion then used to be back in the days.

    Historicly, TAATOOS started early days as a written on legs, then more genaration pass then it became more fashion and is keep going up until we realise that people write TATOOS on their stomach, back and arms as well.

    In this genaration, people do not write TAATOOS on legs,stomach,arms no more, they started to write on the kneck.

    So my assumination, is that more genaration passes, TAATOOS is keep moving upper part.

    Future genaration, will happen to see clearly, many people will write TAATOOS on their fowrhead a name they like or letters they like or even numbers.

    So now we know

    When DAJJAL appears, he will have that written, however, he will not be the only one that will have TAATOO written on the head but so many and will become common and fashionable to many people so they will not even notice the written of the DAJJAL what it means.

    Many people will assume that is a nick name or some letter that the Anti-Chris like, since everyone does what they like written on their fowrhead. However, the real believers only will know what the letter KAAFIIR means.

    Brother Warsame

  5. Imran Z. says:

    Salaam, dear brothers/sisters,
    I saw this very interesting debate about DAJJAAL in another Islamic web site. I want to copy it here as it is;
    It may be very interesting, very beneficial in some aspects, Allah willing!

    Ahmad, Mumeen wrote:

    This scholar? (H… Y…) may be claiming that

    Allah (physically & soully) is everywhere and so thus even closer to himself (physically & soully) than his own jugular vein in this manner?!

    So by this tactic, in the first step he may already be claiming thus that
    Allah is (physically & soully) in himself in this manner?!

    So sinisterly, he may already be claiming thus that he is the (physically & soully) perfect image of Allah in this manner?!

    So this must be the first trait of ISLAMIC DAJJAAL;
    according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad:
    ISLAMIC DAJJAAL will claim to be (the perfect image of) Allah, in the first place!!


    This scholar? (H… Y…) may again be claiming that

    all the world around us is no more than an “illusion” caused by a simple electric current in our brain?!
    And if he changes this simple electric current and its interpretation in our brain, so he can change all our “reality” as he wishes?!

    In other words, he can thus put a man into the “illusion” of hell or paradise by simply changing the electric current and its interpretation in his brain?!

    So this must be the second trait of ISLAMIC DAJJAAL;
    according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad:
    ISLAMIC DAJJAAL will have his own false “illusion” of hell and paradise, and he will put whomever he wants into his own hell or paradise!!


    This scholar? (H… Y…) may again be claiming that

    his books and videos etc. even entered into all Islamic & Arab markets, and even Madinah?!

    So this must be the third trait of ISLAMIC DAJJAAL;
    according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad:
    ISLAMIC DAJJAAL will even enter into the most holy Cities of Islam
    and will succeed to deceive many believers even therein!!

    So may Allah protect all of us from the fitnah of ISLAMIC DAJJAAL;

    a vicious SATAN under the disguise of MAHDEE,
    in other words, perhaps a vicious QAAROON under the disguise of HAAROON?!

    Ahmad, Mumeen wrote:

    This scholar? (H… Y…) may again be implying that

    what we see around us (all living & non-living things) in fact
    are not “REAL,” but a mere illusion?!

    And if people want to see the “REAL THINGS,” perhaps they first must submit to his will, and obey him without questioning (as if he was ultimate Godly-Man & Mahdee)?!

    And if they do so, he may then possibly change the electric current and its interpretation in their brain, and thus show them
    even the “illusion” of Hell and Paradise
    and then even the “illusion” of their Dead relatives & friends
    just in front of them, as (if they were) the ultimate “REALITY”?!

    * This may perhaps also absolutely be what the Gnostic Christians (=MESSIAH DAJJAAL ideology followers) sinisterly implying with their crooked methodologies….

    So this must be the fourth trait of ISLAMIC DAJJAAL;
    according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad:
    ISLAMIC DAJJAAL will have his own “illusion” of Hell and Paradise,
    and then may even show (to whomever is deceived by him) the “illusion” of their Dead relatives & friends (claiming that they are ultimate REALITY)!!

    So may Allah again protect all of us –all sincere Muslims & Christians & Others) from the fitnah of these kind of crooked & harmful
    MESSIAH and ISLAMIC DAJJAAL ideologies!
    Our best protector is only Allah;
    and salaamun be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

    M Khan wrote:

    This is in response to ahmed, mumeen:

    “Nearer to your Jugular vein” is mentioned in Quran by Allah. This is not what H… Y… is claiming. This is what Allah has told us and it is mentioned in the Quran. H… Y… is just telling what is written in the Quran.

    Let me clear one more thing, there is no such thing ISLAMIC DAJJAL. Dajjal is Dajjal which has nothing to do with Islam. However, he will be against Islam and will be defeated by Hazrat Isa (AS) (Jesus).

    When he says that things are not real: What I understand, he is saying that we dont know the real things. Whatever we see is just an image in our brain which is also scientifically proven and Allah has mentioned in the Quran: more or less meaning that “This world is nothing but deception”. So it proves that, whatever we see, touch hear may not be the real as he explains about the dream. When you watch a dream, you feel that you are actually in a real world but that actually is nothing, only you feel it in your brain. I would suggest you to watch and see his book “Secret Beyond Matter”. This wonderful book will help you to understand reality.

    Ahmad, Mumeen Says:

    M. Khan,

    First of all, Allah clearly states in Quran that,

    Your Lord is Allah; who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He situated (Himself) upon His Throne. (Younus 3)

    Angels and Spirit are climbing to Him (:Allah)
    in a day that equals fifty thousand years. (Maaarej 4)

    So Allah (physically & soully) must be –50.000 Angelic years away– in Heaven, as situated (Himself) upon His Throne, first of all,
    according to these clear Verses, and according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (p.b.u.h) sayings.

    Please, see again the renowned Islamic Scholar Bilal Philips’
    warning against H… Y…’s false implications in this critical issue,
    first of all, here:


    So in these kind of Verses:

    …And We are closer to him (:human being) than his jugular vein. (Qaf 16)

    …except He (:Allah) is with them (:human beings) wherever they may be. (Mujaadalah 7)

    Allah may only be emphasizing that
    He is with His full “encompassing knowledge & control & power” with and closer to human beings than their jugular vein.
    Not as that of H.. Y…’s sick & crooked implication that
    Allah is (phsically & soully) everywhere and then in this manner (physically & soully) closer to him (:human being) than his jugular vein!


    Second of all,

    Of course, the main DAJJAAL should be the MESSIAH DAJJAAL who may be the main advocate of the sick & crooked ideologies
    such as those that are briefly pointed out in the 3 writings above…

    And ISLAMIC DAJJAAL must be the collaborator & agent of this kind of sick & crooked MESSIAH DAJJAAL ideologies.
    As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) may miraculously be hinting in Quran about ISLAMIC DAJJAAL and his pupils,
    as follows:

    And some of them are committed to straying;
    because they have taken the satans (:Evangelical & Gnostic Christian ideologues 6/112 & 5/17 & 52/32) as Masters other than Allah, but they think that they are Mahdees! (Aaraaf 30)

    So according to this miraculous “prophetic” information (Naml 93)
    in this Verse,
    ISLAMIC DAJJAAL should be following the sick & crooked
    Evangelical and Gnostic –perhaps fanatic “extreme” Anti Evolutionary & and then especially this fanatic “excessive” ANTI REALITY– Christian MESSIAH DAJJAAL ideologies, and he should be thinking that he and his pupils are absolute Mahdees, in the first place!


    Third of all,

    Allah again clearly states in Quran that,

    Did you not see that Allah created the heavens and the earth as a REALITY (belhaqqe)… (Ibraahim 19)

    So all the world around us must be as REAL as our Allah created it
    outside of us,
    and then showed it to us with its %100 REAL IMAGE again as they are
    outside of us,
    that we may now look and “truthfully” see, and then praise Allah (Ibrahim 19 & Anaam 73 & Mulk 19 & Rum 48 & ….) for all of these REAL things!

    (* The Verses which state that this wordly life is only a DECEPTION (=gurooran) has nothing to do with this. It may only emphasize that this temporary worldly life can DECEIVE (=garrakum) many hypocrites with its limited & decaying material things (Lukmaan 33 & Hadid 20 & Kahf 46)!

    Not as that of Gnostic Christian (MESSIAH DAJJAAL) ideology’s crooked & sick assumption that
    it is only a weak interpretation of an electric current in our brain, and so it is all a poor ILLUSION manipulated in our brain!?
    And if we want to “truthfully” see now the sharp REALITY, we should submit ourselves to their will, and then they will show us the sharp REALITY by changing the weak interpretation of that electric current in our brain to a much stronger and “truthful” one, as they wish?!

    So please, see again the link below,
    to better understand and beware of this sick & crooked Gnostic Christian (MESSIAH DAJJAAL) ILLUSIONARY ideology,
    and their usage and collaboration with H… Y…’s “Secret Beyond Matter” skillfully manipulative video, and his and their related misled & misleading wrong assumptions!


    So M. Khan, may Allah awaken and save you from the clutches of these very skillful, but crooked & harmful MESSIAH and ISLAMIC DAJJAAL ideologies, if you are truly devoted to Allah and His Messenger!

    And only our Allah knows best who are to be guided, and who are to be misled in the end (Baqara 26). So we cannot do anything else here,
    but only strictly and simply warn here all sincere believers (Muslims & Christians & Others) against these DAJJALIC crooked and deceitful
    misled & misleading ideologies.
    We should always trust only upon Allah (Mulk 29);
    and again salaamun be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)!

    Khan Says:

    to ahmed mumeen,

    I still do agree with H… Y… I would say, rather than accusing each other, if we focus on the purpose of life which is simple “calling people towards Allah with wisdom”, that will help us to move forward.

    Ahmad, Mumeen Says:

    M. Khan,

    If you still want to agree with H… Y… and his basically false –Evangelical & Gnostic influenced– dangerous interpretations & assumptions & distortions on these issues,
    rather than perfectly clear Quranic Verses & our beloved Prophet’s Sayings & Reowned Islamic Scholars’ sermons on these issues,
    then that is your choice. We should not and can not change anyone’s mind here; We can only sincerely, strictly and simply warn, as our Lord Allah has commanded us. (Anaam 130)

    But we should not forget that,
    Satan (and his Dajjalic army) will deceive and doom many people
    basically acting in the Name of Allah, and pretending & supposing to be Mahdees and Righteous people (Aaraaf 30 & Muminoon 84-89 & Saaffaat 28-34 & …) in the first place!

    So perhaps we should be very very careful in these critical issues, from the very start here,
    in order not to regret it then in the hereafter, forever (Aaraaf 30 & Saaffaat 28-34 & …)! Salaam.

  6. robin.root says:

    i do respect the opinion of bilal phillips but his take on this topic i feel is unlearned and irresponsible, clearly not putting on his thinking cap and taking everything literally.

    the lecture by imran hossien is the best take on this. the truth always wins against falsehood, you will know right from wrong when you listen to this.


  7. ‘`; I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :-,

  8. alpha…

    Bilal Philips – Dajjal | Halal Tube…

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