Day of Judgement

Bilal Philips

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  1. amal says:

    hey!! check out this website.


    want to hear good islamic speeches

  3. luis f. says:

    peace be on you mr.bilal philips, I had some technical problem with my pc before wich I asked a question about jesus christ; and it was: Is it true that in the old testament (bible) word EMMANUEL means” GOD WITH US” as the christian says that he is God in human form that walked in this land. or it is another fabrication, interpolation or blasphemy imposed by christian leaders or scholors.

    I would like to get feedback as soon as you can please mr.bilal, thanks and GOD bless you.

  4. Peace says:

    Salam to All,
    Once again the halaltube team hit’s the spot with providing top quality lectures that are of unique and detailed presentation. Peace be upon the team and may god bless brother Bilal for his delivery of the above lecture.

    I strongly suggest all to listen to this.

    Salam and JazakAllah alaykon.

  5. riaz says:

    salam to all
    excellent speach

  6. abdul aziz says:

    mashallah..let us all strive for the pleasure of Allah

  7. Mohamed Ali says:

    Well articluated lecture. crystal clear message. God Bless him.
    JazakAllah alaykon

  8. ibn Abdulsalam says:

    May Allah reward bilal philips

  9. ibn Abdulsalam says:

    Halal tube

  10. mercedes says:


    Bilal Philips – Day of Judgement | Halal Tube

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