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Death and Beyond

Abdur-Raheem Green

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24 Responses to “ Abdur-Raheem Green – Death and Beyond ”

  1. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

    Subhan’Allah, what an excellent lecture. Please, please listen to it if you get the time..make the time.

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam

  2. Issa Ibn Mohammed says:

    This man is a gift from Allah. May Allah bless us like he blessed Green. Amen

    Remember the death and act therein…

  3. abdul aziz says:

    salaamu’alaykum…beautiful lecture..his brother always has interesting and informational lectures..may Allah bless this brother..day ofjudgement is very true..we all should takenote and improve our iman and taqwa of Allah!!

  4. eric says:

    Subhana’Allah, what an eye opening and life changing lecture
    We need all the help we can get to stay on the straight path.
    May Allah bless you Mr Green and have mercy on all of us.

  5. zerin ayisha says:

    jazaka allah khair

  6. ubax ahmed says:

    Maasha allah.I love brother abdur raheem in the sake of Allah,I learned from him so many important things of our deen.May Allah reward him in janah firdows ameen.

  7. aslyafghan says:


    Wow, what a powerful lecture by brother Abdur-Raheem Green. A must listen to!

  8. wow says:

    that was amazing. i’m officially afraid for my soul. guess that’s kinda the point. God bless.

  9. Mus of malaysia says:

    I’d a compilition of his lecture videos. MasyaAllah from the first day he talked in the park till now, he is the one
    that the Muslim preachers should be..

  10. Umm Medina says:

    Masha’Allah, what an amazing lecture!! Thank you for the powerful reminder, brother, may Allah swt reward you.

  11. Taha Ali says:

    MashaAllah – Abdur Raheem Green has always been giving great lectures, may Allah grant us the means to prepare for our death and remain focused on the aakhirah

  12. Sameer says:

    This makes people awake
    Just like it made me.


  13. Sameer says:

    really again brilliant

  14. Musthar Che Yas says:

    I’ve being following lectures by brother Abd Raheem. All of his are beautiful and informative. May Allah bless him for what he has done to mankind.

  15. Erry Dharmawan says:

    Assalaamualaikum Wr.Wb.

    Wow, what a powerful lecture by brother Abdur-Raheem Green. Every muslim should listen it again and again until you realy understand it about.


  16. Assalam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatahu,
    SubhanAllah! If a person really understands what the brother is conveying ,it will change his life.just feel like listening to it again and again.Jazakh Allah Khair for making us realise what we should b doing .

  17. Mishell says:

    Asalaamualaikum, everybody I would like to tell that I am searching brother abdur raheem green over three months.I went many mosque and many place in London to meet abdur raheem green.But I couldn’t find him.My request to all of you ‘where can I meet with him, if anyone know or give some information regrading abdur raheem I would be highly pleased.

  18. SHAMSUL HUDA says:

    Allah(swt) bless beloved brother Raheem with health and more spiritual power to spread Allah’s(swt) words in his relentless pursuit of Dawa

  19. Imran H says:

    One of the best lectures, and lecturers ever! MashAllah what a reminder. Allah has blessed this individual with beautiful speech and intelligence. Inshallah may he enter Jannah, and every Muslim as well. Ameen

  20. may Allah almighty inrease u in knowledge and taqwah and make aljanah an abode for all of us. Ameen

    abdwaheed bello

    lagos , nigeria

  21. aini says:

    Allah Hu Akbar.. This man is a gift from Allah to us.. May Allah protect us from syaitan on our last breath in life.. Death is inevitable so be prepared..

  22. Mashallah…Brother Abdur raheem Green is Indeed a very powerful preacher…All his lectures has
    such an impact… Truely in the name of Islam…I pray for his good health and may he be blessed in Abundance of knowledge to contitue his true path in spreading the message of Allah subanwatala and his Rasool salalahu alaihi wasalam…Ameen……

  23. hamdia G sweet says:

    jazaka allah khair

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