Defeating Shaytan Through Gratefulness

Husain Abdul Sattar

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  1. Akhi says:

    Assalamu’alaikum wrbt

    Isn’t celebrating Maulidur Rasul part of being thankful and remembering our beloved Prophet SAW…why is it labeled as bida’ah by some?


  2. G says:

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa baraktuhu,

    It is a beautiful thing to do, but we must go back and answer, did the Prophet saw ever do this? Did the companions ever celebrate his saw birthday? If not, why should we do it? If there was much good in it, wouldnt his saw companions be the first to do so?
    The best way to be thankful and remember the prophet saw is as Allah swt told us – to send our prayers and blessings on him (Saw). Allahuma salli wa salem 3ala muhammed.
    Inshallah this has answered your response. 🙂

    Wa’alkum salam wa rahmatallahi wa baraktuhu

  3. Kamal says:

    Assalamu Aleikum

    In Islam, birthday represent nothing. The proof of that is that the Islamic Year is counted from the Hijrah and not from the Birth of the Prophet (Sal Allahu Aleyhi wa Sallam). We are not chrstians. We have our own religion and its own references. So no need to copy from anyone.

    If you really love Rasul Allah (sal Allahou aleyhi wasslam), the best way to show this love is to follow his sunna, to try to resemble him physically and spiritually, to avoid all what Allah forbade by his mouth and to follow his comandments. By celebrating his birthday, you are accusing him of lie because he said before his death that this religion is complete and there is nothing to add anymore to it. If you celebrate his birthday as religious event, and you know that neither him or his companions has celebrate his birthday, you are trying to add something that is not part of the religion and then making him lie.

    How can you then claim that you love RAsul Allah (sal Allahu aleyhi wassalam) when you are accusing him of lying?

    PS: The only reference that Rassul Allah (sal Allahu aleyhi wassalam)had about his birthday is when he ask us to fast on mondays, because it is the day when his is born. So don’t let any monday go without fasting it. When you love someone, you show it to him everytime, not just once in the year


  4. Alim says:

    Masha’allah, I thank Allah for this lecture and halal tube for a means for us to gain knowledge, Insha’allah. Jazakallah kher.

  5. muhammad says:

    salam alykum

    every one once to talk about mawlids is bidah and the the prophet muhammad (saw) did not do it if u dnt want to attend a mawlid you do not have to but the thing is when people attack the people who said down in the mosque to rember the beloved talking about his life and sending salawat to the prophet i cant see it a bidah as shaykh hamza yusuf said mawlid once a year is a bidah we should rember the beloved every day but we get muslim that come and attack muslim and say they are kufr for celbrating the beloved prophet may allah forgive our sins and may we all be with the beloved prophet in the akira ameen

  6. zakkiyya says:

    Assalamu Alaikum WR WB
    This a beutiful lecture May Allah(swt) make it easy for all of us ameen.

  7. Rashida says:

    A question from non muslim need reply

    The guys said that MUSLIMS believe that ALLAH is ONE and is OMNI-PRESENT. But when we speak of the Saitan (Shaitan) MUSLIMS say it has the capabilities to take over Human Beings (Indoctrinate them) or in other word he can plant wrong things in your heart and soul, the guy said that isn’t this the case that there are miliions of people around the world which are thousands of miles away from each other but they still are under its control/influence.

    I feel the answer to this question is that ALLAH is ONE and OMNI-PRESENT but there are millions and millions of Saitan (Shaitan) roaming around us that is why he feels that it is OMNI-PRESENT.


  8. Jean M. Khan. says:

    As a practising convert to Islam (converted 1953) I would say the main thing here is to realise that the Muslims of the world are one Ummah. Therefore we should do our utmost to hold fast to the rope of Allah, not divide into sects, not entwine scripture with non-Islamic culture and spend our precious time on this earth doing our utmost to live as we have been Instructed by Allah, through Prophet Mohammed(May Peace be upon him). If we spend this precious time criticising others, we will only divide ourselves. Let us therefore unite and take this opportunity to follow the Straight Path, together, commencing with the Holy Month of Ramadaan. Jean M. (Yasmin) Khan.

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