Etiquette of the Masjid

Tahir Anwar

2 Responses to “ Tahir Anwar – Etiquette of the Masjid ”

  1. Asiah says:

    Allahu Akhbar, Every one must listen to this. This is a very valuable lecture, good reminder for us all because many tend to forget to follow the adab of the masjid.
    I ve seen it all the times in every masjid I ve been to, which I can only speak on the behalf of the sisters who they are habitual to either talking, standing or walking in front of some one else praying. May Allah forgive them.

    Jazzak Allah Khair Br Tahir

  2. MMI says:

    Many of these rules and aadab are common sense. I was personally ashamed when he started talking about the etiquettes of the restroom. I’ve seen bathrooms at the gas station cleaner than Masjid bathrooms. I mean, do we even have a morsel of just plain respect for this sanctified house or what?

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