Fear of Death

Bilal Philips

11 Responses to “ Bilal Philips – Fear of Death ”

  1. mohamed says:

    salam alakum good talk is bilal philips a salafi or wahabbie

  2. ashraful says:

    salam akhi bilal philips is a salafi

  3. shafi farah says:

    salam alakum i am shafi and i work at UPS i got to georgebrown and im not married i also live with my parents
    my mom said i cant get married so i didnt my mom said i cant go to universty so i said ok .

    I im the biggest in my family and i go by a law called command the tree if you are the youngest boy in the family you have to do the dishes and always clean the house. I have 5 brothers and they always do the dishes.
    I just come home from UPS take a shower get some food that my brothers made and watch TV

    I always hit them and tell them to follow the TREE OF COMMAND, if they dont they get bitten

    SOO if any sister wants to help me out and give me knowledge, please do so

    Thanks i HAVE TO go pray and repentences for my sins

  4. Farhana says:

    As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Wonderful lecture.. (I don’t know if that was the completed lecture.. it sounded like he was going to say more).

    Jazak’Allahu khair.

    Wa’alaykum as-salaam

  5. AISHA says:

    i can not get his lecture wats wrong?

  6. sims says:

    Asalamu alikum,
    great lecture, a very good reminder. Jaka’allahu khairan

  7. Shahbaz Yousuf says:


    Please stop categorizing people as salafi ,wahibi ,shahifi.Allah(swt) Calls people who believe in him and believe in Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) as last & the final Messanger as a Muslim in Quran and not as salafi or wahibi.We respect all the four scholars but they never called themselves as i am a salafi follower or i am a shahifi follower instead they called themselves as Muslim.
    Don’t be rigid and tell i will only follow this group or that group.Whatever is authentic follow that & which is in line with Quran & sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh)

    In one of the hadith Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) said that there will be 72 sects of people among Muslims and all will go to Hell except one.

    SO stop labeling people as salafi or wahibi etc.And call each muslim brother or sister as a Muslim and do your best to me a Moomin.

    If i said anything wrong that is by Shaitaan and if you find any good in it,it is from Allah(swt).

    JazakAllahu Khayr.
    Your brother in Islam & humanity.

  8. huzaifa says:

    salamun alaykum jamian brothers and sister.

    • Islamic Will says:

      Asalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatAllaahi wa barakatahu,

      Near the end of the lecture, shaykh Philips talks about the importance of a will for every Muslim to have. Please brothers and sisters, fill out your wills as soon as possible. You can google search for the template for a will made by ISNA. It’s important to have one, so if you don’t already, it is very convenient Alhumdulillaah.

  9. Adib says:

    Wow unbelievable. Ive been a Bilal phillips for way tooo long and to hear a talk like this really changes my life. I think we all shud benefit and think out side the box about death. yes alot of people today do think about avoiding death which ultimately we avoid Allah swt. Hence we should listen to more bilal phillips lectures n do gud deeds. n its better if we find close firends or people who are doing good deeds and stay extremely close with them. likewise we can end up doing more goo deeds and becoming better people. And therefore we would not have to worry so much about death because of what we hae done for allah swt. With this lecture, bilal phillips does make us come with our solutions to doing good deeds. May allah swt reward him for this talk Ameen.

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