The Forbidden Gaze: The Disease, The Cure and Intermingling

Feiz Muhammad

The Disease:

The Cure:


16 Responses to “ Feiz Muhammad – The Forbidden Gaze: The Disease, The Cure and Intermingling ”

  1. imran says:

    wow..this imam is controversial…check him out on wikipedia…he blames the rape victims for being raped?!?!!…that is a very narrow-minded extremist view.

    What are ur opinions on his views?

  2. Haron says:

    Salam, wikipedia itself is controversial, you can put anything thing =/

  3. R says:

    I’m really trying to keep an open mind, but I can’t agree with all this. It’s very hard to swallow…Like the part of the sister going to a university & being taught by a man… what? Professors come in different shapes & sizes & ages… If they are inappropriate, then drop the class, complain to the dept. chair, etc. Did not the Prophet (SAAWS) teach the mu’minat? And did they not use to ask questions & further explanation to certain issues?? The Muslim men & women at the time of the Prophet (SAAWS)’s time use to communicate with each other – with respect, they were always appropriate. Why can we not do they same? When you want to cut off the male-female interaction on the academic or professional level, you lose valuable contribution. I’m for advocating the limits, but not for isolation. The deen is supposed to be easy. May Allah guide me & may He forgive me if I said anything wrong. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

  4. imran says:

    with wikipedia…even though u may be able to put “anything”…most claims are substantiated…the claims all have references and contain endnotes with hyper-links to external websites…often they’re news sources…wikipedia – in my opinion – is pretty reliable

    I agree with u “R”…Islam is meant to be’s ppl who make it difficult

  5. Tierra says:

    Asalaam walikum,
    I totally agree with R…I dont know where he is getting this from….its like he ignored the history of our best generation and how they conducted themselves so…I agree with some other stuff of his, but this subhanAllah I think really took it in the wrong direction. May Allah forgive us if we are in error and may Allah forgive him. Ameen

  6. Abd Rahman says:

    Bismillah. Alhamdulilah. Was Salam ala Rasullah.

    We have to always remember that in Islam we have to base our actions on the Shariah, on the Divine Law that Allah (swt) revealed. Not on our desires or on the society where we live. This is what it means to be Muslim, it means complete submission.

    Now for almost everything that the Sheikh said he has his evidences. There are many scholars who say that it is not permissible for women to attend mixed universities, even some scholars that it is not permissible for men as well. These scholars have their evidences from the Quran and Sunnah. They studied the lives of the Prophet (saw) and the Sahabah. They have heard countless narrations of how the Prophet (saw) conducted himself with the Sahabiya.

    You have just heard one narration where the Prophet (saw) used to teach the Muminat and from that you make ijtihad and say that it is permissible for sisters to attend mixed colleges. That is not right. Our Din is not a joke. You need to be a scholar to derive rulings from the text. How do you know that the Prophet (saw) did not teach sisters from behind a screen? How do you know that they were not fully vieled? Also remember that the Prophet (saw) is very different from a kafir professor. He (saw) would never look with lust at a Muslim sister who was not his wife. Can we say the same for the kafir professors and students?

    Tierra, you say that the Shaykh “ignored the history of our best generation and how they conducted themselves”. What exactly do you mean by this? How did the Sahabah conduct themselves? Did they mix freely and causally on a social level and just chat freely? Men and women toghether. Show me one narration of where something like this happened.

    Islam is meant to be easy but it is easy the way Allah (swt) revealed it to be, not how people have changed it to be. The true place for our sisters is in the home. They have the most important job of all, raising up our future generations.

  7. Syed says:

    I think what the brother is trying to get at is that the environment of the university is unislamic, and I totally agree having gone thru it myself. I think the issue the brothers here have is practicality in this day and age. I want my wife and daughters to be educated, but i certainly do not want some non-mahram stranger to have an opportunity to be alone with them. I hope we understand that the issue of a non-mahram man and woman being alone is obviously haraam. Online education is becoming very popular nowadays, perhaps that can be permissible workaround to the haraam atmosphere of mixed universities.

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  9. Khidr says:

    I am a revert to Islam alhamdulilah. There is a lot of conjecture in this discussion. There is no such thing as pure truth, other than in the Qur’an. The individual speaking the most sense is ‘R’.

    Education is the key; harness the power of the mind; Question EVERYTHING, because imagination is more important than knowledge.

    ”The blood of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”

  10. Tierra says:

    Asalaam walikum

    Abd when I stated that he ignored the some of the history of the Sahabah in how they interacted with each other I was not all referring to intermingling, that would not make sense at all. I was referring to everyone being able to have acess to the Prophet sallallau wa alayhim wasalaam in being able to seek knowledge, meaning women also were able to ask him questions. Ok so that being said, yes it is reported that the women asked him questions behind the veil, which I believe niqaab is what was implemented, if not it was an actual screen in which they could not see each other. Now Sheik Feiz did not even mention forbidding men attending this universities where they are also acceptable to fitnah from the opposite sex, not just teachers but females attending there. It just seem one sided in this situation which both genders can be in danger. He also did not give a solution to educating females properly. So basically what Im trying to say is that he did not mention that aspect of the women of the sahabah being able to learn from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu wa alayhim wasalaam, and made it seem one sided by not including men in the mix.

  11. Fatik says:

    To Khidr:
    ”The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”
    Moreover; Sheik Feiz has devoted the whole segment to the forbidden gaze of the man; although very subtle, the man has a lot of responsibility – even though he can get away with a lot. In my opinion, Abd Rahman’s answer satisfies me the most. ALLAH WALUM

  12. Hira says:

    @ Abd Rehman

    ”The true place for our sisters is in the home. They have the most important job of all, raising up our future generations.”
    That only goes for married sisters. what about the unmarried ones?
    Shutting females at home since childhood is a misinterpretation of islam. Education is farz on every muslim.
    The problem is that institutes for prof education are co these days. Therefore the chances of fitnah are high.
    THe only solution to this is to adhere to the rules of hijab and modesty by both genders.
    Islam is a universal religion, Quranic teachings are applicable for all times.

  13. salamun alaikum,

    i think Faiz should be appreciated for his attempt at this very topic which has a conflicting view with our canal desires of which we must check in order to be successful in the hereafter.

    Ma asalam.

  14. Ibn Ahmad-Shah says:

    The Prophet (SA) was saw women who where mahraam for him (SA).

    (the last sentence is important)
    “Umm Haraam was the sister of Umm Sulaym, and they were maternal aunts of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his mahrams, either through radaa’ah or through blood. So it was permissible for him to be alone with them and to enter upon them on his own, but he did not enter upon any other woman apart from his wives.

  15. joe blow says:

    Sounds like some sick bastards to me.are they afraid someone is going to steal their women?

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