Fiqh of Siyam (Fasting)

Yasir Qadhi

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  3. Ali says:

    Jazakallahu Khairun Ya Sheikh. This session really helped me get a better understanding and clear perception of Siyam during Ramadan.
    Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, hope you were able to ask an A’lim from Madinah about the sisters who cannot fast during their pregnancy and nursing for two months. And again get pregnant…can not fast during the time. How would they make-up for their missing days of fasting?

  4. abedessamad says:

    sala 3ziz ana abedessamad man taza rani kanssalam 3lik baza bzaf wach kayna chi khadema tama

  5. Sadiq Afinah says:

    May Allah accept as a sincere act of ibadah. It’s lovely.
    Pls, how can I download the lecture?

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  7. mrskhalid says:

    What school of thought is this fiqh?

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