Gender Equity: The Islamic Perspective

Ingrid Mattson

3 Responses to “ Ingrid Mattson – Gender Equity: The Islamic Perspective ”

  1. Ferishta says:

    Masha Allah, what sister Ingrid is talking about is so true and so unknown even for us Muslims:

    The control of women through their outward appearance. Having nose-jobs, because of wanting to look like the mainstream wants the women to look like.

    So many women give to much attention on their body shape, their weight. We should let us not manipulate from the industry, and spend attention on how we look, exept that what we are taught by Prophet Muhammad (s)

  2. heru t says:

    Why cant we see this video? How can we access it again? Please help! Thank you.


  3. Maryam Hajar says: do we view this video? Once again, is this another case where RIS has taken it down? Wassalam

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