Halal Tube + Ramadan = Success!

Alhamdulillah!  We have been working hard to generate an extensive list of lectures on Ramadan from a wide variety of speakers.  InshaAllah those who truly want to succeed in this blessed month shall implement the advice given by the lectures.  How is your Ramadan coming along?  Have you listened to the lectures?  Have they benefited you?  Share your thoughts by commenting.  JazakAllah khair!  Thank you again for supporting Halal Tube.

May Allah (swt) make our Ramadan beneficial, taqwa-fying, iman raising and healthy for all of us.  Ameen!

Halal Tube Team

10 Responses to “ Halal Tube + Ramadan = Success! ”

  1. Muslimah says:

    I pray Allah rewards all those involved abundantly for all your efforts! .. amin

    They are well appreciated, jazaakum Allaahu khairn wa baarak Allaahu feekum

  2. muslim says:

    Assalaamu aleikum

    May allah reward you for youre effort.
    I live in Finland so it’s very hard to see some lectures in finnish language, but alhamdulillah i found this site.
    My english may not be that good, but alhamdulillah i do understand everything.

    This site has benefited me in every possible way, so i’m very thankfull, espacially in this blessed month, Ramadan.

    May Allah subhaana wa ta’aala give us strenght to fast properly this month and raise our iman, Aameen.

  3. Halal Tube says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum! JazakAllah khair for your kind and generous comments. Your comments has made the Halal Tube Team smile. We are pleased to here our brothers and sisters benefiting from our work. Thank you again for your support. May Allah (swt) accept your duas, your fast and grant you all jannah. Ameen!

  4. Nam says:

    assalamu alaikum

    amazing site!

    note: the muhammad alshareef lecture about islamic schools, who’s responsible is not working.

  5. Halal Tube says:

    Nam – We have just tested it and the lecture works fine. Please refresh the page or reload your browser. JazakAllah khair!

  6. Sal says:

    Jazakum Allah khairan for your efforts. This is such an important site…Our ummah truly benefits from the likes of people such as yourself…May Allah bless you and grant you continued success…

  7. Ginny says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I can’t find where to click ont he lecutres? I use a screen reader so not sure if it’s a grphic that Jaws is not able to read? At any rate, it seems to be an accessibility issue, thus, I’m not able to find where to click to start the audio/video? Thanks.

  8. Halal Tube says:

    Ginny – We’re not sure what exactly the problem is. The videos are from Google Video, YouTube and Yahoo Video embedded into our site. The audio files are simply a flash MP3 player. All you have to do is click the play button to play the audio or video lecture.

    Can you further clarify the problem? Thank you!

  9. Doa says:

    i love halal tube yayyyy lol

    is there any way we can get Qur’an recitations on here?

  10. Halal Tube says:

    Doa – JazakAllah khair for the comment. We have so many ideas and plans of expanding, we don’t know where to start. All we can say now is that wait till Eid, inshaAllah! We have a nice Eid gift for everyone!

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