Anger Management

Haleh Banani

Part 1:

Part 2:

11 Responses to “ Haleh Banani – Anger Management ”

  1. Abdul says:

    This is a great lecture and a nice way of remembering how we should all deal with difficult situations in life and control anger. I’m deal with some issues right now that have been angering me, but watching this video has really changed my perspective on how to deal with the challenges I’m being faced with.

    • Haleh says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you were positively affected by my anger management video.
      May Allah help you with all your issues,

      Your sister in Islam,

  2. Zakir says:


    Thank you for your time and effort to address something that is so critical in all our lives. Makes all the difference when a professional is speaking on the topic.
    I believe you have touched upon a lot of common issues around anger.
    All the techniques that you mentioned, are doable and absolutely valuable.
    Jazakallah Khair.


  3. Bouschra says:

    Salaam Aleikom,

    May ALLAH bless you Incha ALLAH

  4. Naim Hussain says:

    These are videos that you need to watch over and over again to get the best benefit. Amazing alhamdulillah

  5. Sr. says:

    JazakAllahu Khair for all the valuable resources put through in this series. I would love inshaAllah if there is a more in depth follow up to it. I am relistening to these two videos several times and I have taken notes and am implementing the lessons (progressive muscle relaxation, adult time-outs, listening to the kids, taking it easy and realizing that it all will pass).

    What do you think about case studies, or explaining how other people use certain techniques and how it helped them? For example, I am finding that my search for perfectionism had made me something of a monster toward my kids, with the result of me requesting them to do age inappropriate tasks and me having age inappropriate expectations of them. Sure they can clean the house and cook but should they!? Do you know of any online resources with references to Qu’ran/ Hadeeth about children and raising children?


  6. feizaa says:

    JAZAKALAKHAIR sister.. only Allah knows how much your lecture helped me .

  7. M says:

    Domestic violence can be hidden within the household and children need to be able to go somewhere for help. In the schools, we found several cases of young children being beaten with no one for teachers or administrators to go to for help without fear of losing their jobs.

    Children need to be given a number in school perhaps to call for help in case they are in a terrible place at home and are afraid to tell anyone around them.

  8. Naira says:

    Salaam Dear Haleh, I really need your help. Would it be possible for us to get in touch through email?


  9. Riaz Uddin Ahmad says:

    Your lecture actually touched the basic facts about anger and it was really helpful to watch it. Though in our society anger seems to be the ultimate tool to get desired results but hopefully soon the people will realize and become more tolerant, Inshallah.
    Its not convenient to watch YouTube video’s in Pakistan but i try hard to watch some from HalalTube.

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