Redefining Yourself

Haleh Banani

10 Responses to “ Haleh Banani – Redefining Yourself ”

  1. Naty says:

    I like how she said that when we stop doing something haram, we should replace it with something halal… in order to avoid a gap or emptiness. Love it! Jazakillahu khair sister!

  2. haleh says:

    Alhamdulillah it was beneficial for you! It is really critical to replace the haram with halal in every area of our life.


  3. Salam says:

    thanks so much sister for this video! it is an excellent reminder for those who often forget. SIGN UP TO BECOME A FREE MEMBER OF MY WEBSITE: SALAMADAWAHCENTER.WEBS.COM


  4. layla says:

    Mashallah sister this is a beautiful lecture, and the fact its connected with psychology makes it a little more understandable.
    please do more videos.

  5. Najiyah says:

    MashAllah! Planning for the hereafter and many more great points! JazakAllah Khayran sister.

  6. ahmad b says:

    This was a very educational and practical lecture masha’Allah. May Allah bless sister Haleh for her work.

  7. Asad says:

    JazakiAllahu khairan sister for the reminder. I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this. I have a little disagreement over something you mentioned and correct me if I am wrong sister. You said not to have sympathy towards those dropouts and linked it to the individuals who do not plan for the Akhirah. From the example of dropouts, I get that we should not care and have no sympathy towards those who do not plan for their Akhirah. I disagree with this. If you don’t have sympathy towards these kind of people, then you are missing an important act of sunnah of the Prophet(saws). Insaan is weak and s/he could forget as you said and there could be no one in their lives to pull them in. When you bump in to this kind of individual, you won’t leave him/her flapping their wings in their miserable life and not be able to get out. You are to be not only of those who pull their friends (as you said) you will be of those who pull in his/her strayed brother/sister in Islam to the right path.
    Also, I would like to offer a suggestion. This is something you may want to add to your talk. You mentioned a really good point about making friends with those who are better than us in deen, who will constantly remind us of the Akhirah, Allah and good actions. This is an important point when it comes to comparing ourselves with others in terms of our level of Iman. If we compare ourselves with those pious people, this will make us jealous of the fact that you want to be like/better than them. This kind of jealousy is allowed b/c then you will be encouraged to do good and strive to learn more about the deen and get closer to Allah (SWT). You will do this only if you want to be a better person. Also, if we want to compare ourselves in terms of dunya, then we should always compare ourselves with those less fortunate ones. Unfortunately a lot of people compare themselves with more fortunate, wealthier people who have expensive cars and houses. Since the less fortunate ones are not blessed with that, and they cannot get easily what they wish for, comparing themselves with more fortunate ones makes them sad and this could lead to depression. Just a suggestion.

    wassalaam wrwb,

  8. uzma says:

    Asalamalaikum wrb…Jazakallah khair sister…Mashallah a very beautiful lecture.I loved it..U explained very well..Replacing haram with halal is a very good idea because if u dont do that there is a void which u have to fill and u may end up filling it with something more harming.I agree with each n every point…Mashallah May Allah azwajal forgive our sins and grant us jannah.Ameen

  9. Sister in Islam says:

    Alhamdullilah very well put sister. Emaan refresher Masha Allah.
    May Allahswt bless your work. Love you sister, for the sake of Alllahswt.

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