Standing Up For Truth, Standing Up For Islam

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis


Truth becomes manifest in every human being’s life at one point or another. What should one do at that point? The story of these people makes it clear. Once truth became clear to them, they didn’t hide, they didn’t retreat, they were not afraid. They became firm in their faith. They stood up for what they believed in. Quran expresses this state with the words “Qamoo”, i.e. they became firm and stood up for what they believed. They declared their faith as in “Fa-Qaloo” — They declared the truth as in “Rabbuna Rabbu Assamawati Wal-Ardh” (our lord is the lord of heavens and Earth). We should never be satisfied with the status-quo. The forces of evil maybe gigantic and seemingly powerful, but can never stand to the inherent power of truth (“Haque”). Falsehood (“Baatil”) is inherently week no matter how powerful it may seem.

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