Al Qur’an: The Living Miracle

Hamza Yusuf

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18 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Al Qur’an: The Living Miracle ”

  1. Shireen says:

    Whenever I listen to HamzaYusuf,ijust want to post the videos on Facebook to show all my friends what the Quran is! I imagine that the way he explains things should appeal to everybody and be strong proof that people should revert to Islam. I live in Egypt and my kids are in international schools where English is number one. When I started listening to all these wonderful sheikhs, I decided that my kids must strengthen their proper Arabic and learn Quran and I really think that we should raise this awareness amongst the Islamic Ummah; to appreciate the language and realize the difference between it and other languages which we think that by learning-we gain some kind of social status. We need to go back to when teachers used to talk in proper Arabic in the Arabic language class; when it used to be the natural language that families spoke. Nowadays, we have the problem of kids unable to write a composition or creative writing in the Arabic exams. So, Ithink that raising this kind of awareness, especially in schools and among teenagers, will have a gradual impact and the Quran will be much more appreciated from generations to come. Thank you-I’ve gained so much insight through this beautiful channel! :))

  2. ibrahim mukata says:

    By Allah this is a sign of Allah’s blessings.If Allah wishes to reward you He enriches you with knowledge.Allah has indeed blessed the muslims with good scholars of knowledge by Allah we should make good use of these scholars and learn and pray to Allah to help us implent what we learn.One of the jealousy allowed in Islam is to be jealous of a person with elim and wish the same for yourself.May Allah help as to have such jealousy and wish it to ourselfs and also sacrifice some time to do some Islamic studies,and Allah will bring nusra to the ummah.May Allah make all that is good in your heart easy for you broher Hamza.

  3. nabeel sadiq says:

    may Allah helps us all understand more and more insha Allah and May Allah bliss
    our brother Hamza

  4. Feruza sadiki- Tanzanian says:

    The first time I heard Shekh Yusuph I did not want to leave the website, I was busy with my office work but I put them a side..

  5. Karen says:

    Why is this video marked “private” and no longer available?

  6. Sammy Aziz says:

    I love it,May Allah bliss
    our brother Hamza to teach us more and more…..

  7. mujidah says:

    I’ve come here for the first time, I’m so excited. MashaAllah

  8. mosammet says:

    Aslamualikum brother Hamza
    I really really want to learn Arabic to deeply understand the Holy Quran that what Allah says in the Quran. Then I could follow the way of life according to the Quran. Please advice me how I can learn this language. I am looking all resource that I can use to learn the Quran.

  9. i want to listen all the audios and videos how can i listen because these are not playing if any one read my messege plz write right method below so i can listen

  10. Khalid says:

    Subhan Allah, Thee Quran is definately a Miracle. Sheikh Yusuf has delivered yet again a beautiful lecture. It would be awesome to see the Sheikh give lectures on T.V.
    The Quran is a miracle, however, I would like to say that the vast majority of todays muslims have abandoned the Quran in favour of man-made books i.e Hadith. They have fallen into the same trap as Christians who rather than sticking to the original Injeel of Hazrat Eesa, devised the Gospels!! Allah says that the Quran is ” The best Hadith” He, Allah “Has perfected our Deen”
    “In what hadith after the Quran will you believe” ( 31:6, 39:23, 77:50) When checking the English translations you will find the word Hadith substituted with “idle tales”! We would never know that Allah is talking about Hadith other than the Hadith of Allah i.e Thee Quran. Another mistake we make is to take verses in the Quran as factual when in actual fact they are allegorical, figurative in nature. Allah gives us a beautiful Lock and Key verse in Surah Al-Imran 3:5-7. Understanding this verse will help you to understand the whole Quran. The whole Universe and everything in it does not run by mumbo-jumbo, nor by miracles,people do not walk on water, nor do sticks turn into snakes, nor can clay be picked up bu anyone and turned into a living bird, not even by a prophet! If you look at the verse concerning Hazrat Eesa turning clay into a bird you will spot very clearly the Quran stating the word “likeness” of a bird. this verse is allegorical in nature. The whole Universe runs like clock-work. Laws prevail and operate that explain the universe, laws of motion, laws of Physics, laws of Mathematics. If the world ran by miracles then we would not know from one second to the next what the heck was going to happen next. Muslims need to wake up! ditch the mumbo-jumbo and forget what they have been taught by their parents or grand-parents. Start to read the Quran ONLY with an open mind, dont bring your own ideas to it, read it with understanding, don’t just merely recite it, this is a complete waste of time and does not do justice to Thee Miracle of Miracles, Thee Quran.
    My aim is not to cause animosity nor to insult, I merely wish for muslims who believe in peace and harmony and wish for knowledge to engage in their Deen in the best possible way.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  11. Khalid says:

    Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is correct in his analysis at the end of the talk that it is unfortunate that we have English translations of the Quran but that in many places the translation is incorrect. The translation in some places relies heavily upon the bias or inaccurate knowledge of the translator. For anyone out there who cannot read Arabic or who is looking for a good English translation, or more correctly a translitteration then I would highly recommend Dr Shabir Ahmed of Florida USA “QXPv” it can be downloaded from or can be purchased from Dr Shabbir’s site. It is a remarkable translitteration, in easy to read English. Try it, I promise after reading it, you will not touch another English translation.
    May Allah keep us on His straight path and guide us to His way,may he grant peace and harmony to the whole of mankind and especially to those muslims who are facing severe adversity in the world today.
    Wa Salam, Wa Salat.

  12. Riyaz says:

    a very good lecture by shiekh hamza

  13. Seyran Vural says:

    very usefull lecture.wa salam

  14. […] Hamza Yusuf – Al Quran: The Living Miracle […]

  15. […] Hamza Yusuf – Al Quran: The Living Miracle […]

  16. Laila says:

    The audio is not opening. Someone help

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