Between Ignorance and Extremism

Hamza Yusuf

6 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Between Ignorance and Extremism ”

  1. Brooke says:

    mashaAllah i love it. im sending my son to his school inshaAllah. may Allah repair our hearts

  2. Sarah Amena says:

    Another amazing lecture! This is amazing stuff SubanAllah! What a blessing for our Ummah, especially those of us living in the west!!

    • Abdullah says:

      Syukur lillah,

      May Allah bestow abundant graces upon the sufis who strive in Truth, both in the east and west and wherever their blessed souls may be! Amin ya rabbil alamin

  3. Adib says:

    Subhannallah… to everyone I found out about hamza yusuf 2 years ago courtesy from my father. My father showed me a 24 casset seerah of prophet(S) that my father had in his closest for 13 years. IT WAS SO amazing. Ever since then hamza yusuf has beeen my role model.. I have learneddddd SOOO much from him I inshallah hope to go to his college in nnorthern california,(used to live in cali) but moved.. but got college.. may allahswt bless hamza yusuf on changing our lives wid knowledge. HE most certaintly changed my life

  4. muhammad says:

    Ameen to ur dua Adib shaykh hamza yusuf has changed my life too

    May allah give him long life ameen

  5. hussain says:

    continue to listen learn and research from this great person (wider reading)

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