Beyond Schooling

Hamza Yusuf

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  1. Shireen says:

    Sheikh Hamza,

    I am convinced that their must be another way to educate our children rather than having them sit in a classroom for 8 hours. BUT can this be applied in every country??

    I mean, in the USA, it may be easier because the child can spend the first 10 years at home (being schooled) then simply join the academic system again without having to go back a few years. What I would like to know is:
    1-How do you school a child at home?
    2-What if the parents are illiterate OR lack the ability to explain things?
    3-What if the schooling system in my country refuses to take them at the age of ten and let them carry on with students of their own age?
    4-What about languages? Would they be able to study languages at home on a high level?
    5-After home schooling, wouldn’t they have a hard time going back to the educational system?

    If you could answer these points, I would really aprreciate it!


    • Ubaid says:

      Shaykh Hamza does not see these comments, this is a third party website posting collection of links of islamic speaker

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