Reviving the Spirit of Andalusia

Hamza Yusuf

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  1. Abd Rahman says:

    The message that “Shaykh” Hamza was sending in this lecture was that Islam is comptalible with secularism. He even says that he does not want political power to be with Islam and that he wants this Din to be restricted only to the masjid. This is very dangerous. It is people like this who are destroying our Din. Allah (swt) did not send this Din to be restricted only to the masjid but rather He (swt) sent it to dominate over all spheres of life.

    • Mustapha says:

      The problem with your comment is that the sheikh never said such a thing. We do have a problem with listening in the Islamic world. he said I do not really want to see the Mullas running everything, and really there is a gulf of difference between what you claimed the sHEOKH HAS SAID AND WHAT YOU SAID YOURSELF.

  2. Muslim says:

    Akhi you don’t have to agree with Sh. Hamza, I myself don’t always do, but you should at least respect him b/c he is a Muslim and isn’t destroying the deen. If we listen to more of his lectures it is obvious that he isn’t relegating Islam only to the masjid.

  3. Abd Rahman says:

    There are two groups of people in the Ummah today. Those who realize that the world today is not right and those who are working for a change, and those who think that all is well in the world. The former of these groups are the sincere believers, and the later are the ignorant or the hypocrites. I say this because how can the world be fine when the Islamic State is not present and so many in the Ummah are suffering.

    Hamza Yusuf belongs to the latter of these groups. He tells the Ummah that we should be happy with the world as it is. He even says that there is no such thing as the Islamic State. So either he is just ignorant as to what this Din really is or he is among those working to destroy it.

    Even in this lecture he is bringing the point that it was the tolerance of the Muslims that lead to the prosperity in Andalus. He never mentions the fact that the prosperity came because they ruled by Islam.

    Allah (swt) Knows best and we ask Him (swt) to guide us.

  4. nasser says:

    You are the ignorant one; not the Sheikh. Tolerance and Mercy are corner stones of Islam. The evidence is how our beloved(saw) has dealt with his enemies. This is the true Islam. If you want to make-up your own religion, get your own religion or join the Nation of Islam. This is a brilliant Shaykh who was trained in muslim countries for years by some of the best muslim scholars in the world today and he has one of the purest hearts I have ever seen. I thank Allah for giving Shaykh Hamza Yusuf to His religion and to his ummah. The only people who don’t like shaykh Hamza are non-muslims who pretend to be muslims and those who are jelous of him because he gets a bigger and better audiences. I have listened to tons of his CDs and his lectures and I have never never found anything that is outside of Islam. quite to the contrary, I found them to be calming and helpful. What the small-minded and the under-edecuted, but ever opionated people, fail to understand is that this man explains Islam to Christians, jews , buddists and others. As result of his deep understanding of different faiths and his love for human-beings, many convert to Islam. May God almighty protect this sheikh from non-muslims who want to destroy Islam and muslims who destroy their religion by misunderstanding it.

    • Lydia says:

      Assalamaleikum. I agree with you. Hamza Yousef is a very good scholars and inspires us all, Muslims and non Muslims with the pure intention to seek the truth. His lectures are amazing full of knowledge.Thanks Allah, that he is here, because many times I had a crisis of the faith(i am converted)but listening him I stay in this din and even love Islam more and more. May Allah gives him a long life.

  5. ali says:

    Abdrhman,Islam is not about building impire and destroying other people. It is not about being militant or being passive. it is about relating (1) Allah’s Deen and light to non-muslims and (2) relating it “nicely”. but before you can relate anything, you have to have,most muslims don’t. and before you relate it nicely, you have to be nice. today, most muslims are not nice. We are not even nice to each other. we lie about each other and we blow each other up. and most of us are ingrate. so you wonder why we don’t have an Islamic State, look at yourself.

  6. youcef says:

    Well, abu abdurrahman. I do not agree with your first post because I think you misunderstood sheikh hamza. He never used the word “din” to be constricted to the masdjid. He talked about mulla’s, meaning ‘ulama. And that is correct, a 3alim should not busy himself, foremost, with politics. That is not his terrain and the ahadith are there to warn our scolars about beiing in the presence of the rulers.

    And he said that secularist are also welcome under the hood of islam, I do not recall him saying that secularism and islam can go together.
    So you misunderstood him in these parts, as far as I can see.

    Also, the disccussion about whether it was tolerance or ruling by islam that brought prosperity, is not correct imo. Because, the core ruling of islam in itself is based on tolerance and we have ahadith which speak of this.

    However, I do not agree with his way of beautyfing music and musical instruments(even though he clearly mentions what the verdict is of the 4 madahib). That is clearly not something what we can be proud of. It is actually not far from this point in Andalusia, when the “amir al moumineen” starts getting girls to come and sing in the royal palaces etc…and this point is than again, not far from the collapse of Andalusian calpihate.

    “You are the ignorant one; not the Sheikh. Tolerance and Mercy are corner stones of Islam. The evidence is how our beloved(saw) has dealt with his enemies.”
    You forgot another one, namely justice.
    Some people tend to pay only attention to the merciful aspects of the prophet in his seerah, but there are also times where the prophet was harsh in the punishment of his enemies, all that was in light of a general justice.

  7. Yasmine says:

    As salaamu alaikum to all,

    For Allah’s sake, can we just leave these matters alone. We all have our opinions, but I hope that we can not let things divide us and cause tension amongst muslims. We are not aalims and therefore, let’s just do the thing that we all agree on…to worship Allah and bring peace between each other as well as others. Jazak’allahu khairan.


  8. Amjid Khan says:

    Ameen Nasir, i feel sorry for people who hate Hamza Yusuf they really lack wisdom and understanding of Islam, There probably the people who beat their wives and never kiss their children. If they studied the life of the prophet (SAW) they’d realise that whatever Hamza says is in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad(SAW).

  9. ayesha says:

    SH Hamza is the best and Allah has blessed our nation with such knowledgeable scholar.

    People who are talking negative about him just did not listen to what he said in this lecture and were unable to drive the benefit.

    All I have to say is, May Allah give you wisdom and ability to “actively listen and understand”.

    For Shaykh – May Allah preserve him and may Allah increase him in knowledge and eman.

  10. mohamed says:


    ameen to ur dua

  11. Mehmood says:

    Mashallah he is a very smart man. I find all of his lectures very interesting, and I always learn a lot from them. Can anyone please answer, what his view on music is in Islam, is it haram or halal?

    Thank you.

  12. Mothiur says:

    No Muslim on this planet is helping the cause of Islam more than our beloved shaykh, Hamza Yusuf. May Allah (The Glorified and Exalted) continue to bless us with the presence of this marvelous creation of His.

    Forget about the ingnorant fools who slander him. By the will of Allah (The Glorified and Exalted)Shaykh Hamza will be remembered as one of the greats of this ummah a hundred years from now. Like most great men, he wont be fully appreciated by his opposition until he leaves. They will suddenly become aware of the giganic void he leaves behind as they struggle to fill it, and regret not being part of HIS (Shaykh Hamza’s) era in Islamic history.

    “Love you Shaykh Hamza”

  13. Ariana says:

    Do you have to make Islam seem so black and white? Its not about haram, halal. There are many things in between–Islam is complex, and I am not a scholar so I am going to do what my heart says…i like music and I still worship God. The End.

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