The Greatness of the Prophet Muhammad (s)

Hamza Yusuf

6 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – The Greatness of the Prophet Muhammad (s) ”

  1. Salima says:

    An awesome lecture!

    Sheikh Hamza Yusuf beautifully explained how Prophet Muhammad (pbh) became gradually the source of goodness for the entire mankind. A must listen!

  2. Ayesha says:


    The Sheikh’s love for the Prophet SAWS is evident. The talk takes you in the Sheikh’s footsteps of his love for the Prophet SAWS. Is an excellent reminder that we have been given a miracle and a gift that is our Beloved Prophet SAWS and how we should use this gift only to be closer to him SAWS in this world and the Hereafter.

    Definitely listen and take heed Insha’Allah.

  3. michael rice says:

    BECAUSE OF MISTREATMENT from so many muslims, I have felt jaded for so long “I have lost all inspiration” shaikh humza
    Yusuf’s talks make me feel a little better,he’s a fresh light*

  4. nabeel sadiq says:

    we don’t have the necessary tools as Muslims in the west to welcome the new Muslims to our community and make them part of it ,years of national brain washing made us dislike and fearing the other ,its funny though we are in the others country and really all we have is Islam, Maybe Allah’s way and a mercy from him to get back on the right track,
    as for Shaikh Hamza an American whom I feel proud of as a good Muslim

  5. sheik says:

    Whats da reason for us muslims to hate anather human being, Our grEAT Prophet (saw] sheltered jews and christians alike during his lifetime, Did he show hatred to those that treated him harshly? not at all.

    So treat every one as a human being even thou they may not be muslims. We have been thought that by our leader and prophet {saw}

    Let not the action of a few muslims represent islam but let one muslim taech a fellow human been to love ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER,

  6. masood ahmad says:

    an inspiring talk. may Allah guide us muslims to follow footsteps of our beloved profit[SAW].

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