The Lives of Man

Hamza Yusuf

Part 1:

Part 2:

10 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – The Lives of Man ”

  1. Hager says:

    These are excellent but how can we download them to our ITouch ?

  2. Mohamed Camara says:

    If Islam did not have the likes of Hamza Yusuf to speak to these Atheists and Philosophers in their familiar language, then are we implying that we should simply give up on those people and let them go to hell? I would like an answer to this question from the people who critisize Sheikh Hamza Yusuf that he’s borderline biddah. A local imam at your local Masjid will not get through to this kind of an audience not because that Imam lacks Islamic knowledge but rather he might lack the western education where Hamza Yusuf can capture their undivided attention and challenges their intellect by letting them know that true intellect is realizing the -Haqq- not turning your back on the one who gave it all to you to begin with. May Allah reward this man for his good work and forgive him and all of us of our shortcomings. Ameen

  3. jan says:

    My salute to Hamza Yusuf I had not listened to him for a long time until recently. He has captured my attention and has touched so deep in the heart that I am very greatful to Allah the Almighty to have guided Hamza Yusuf and given him so much knowledge in order to express the rich undiscovered Islam in the west.. His speech is so clear and captivating.. I really feel that if more of us were to really take the time to sit and learn from him we would allways keep our faith intact and always appreciating Allah for giving us an intellectual like such a good man Hamza yusuf.. I really enjoyed this lecture.. Please pass it on.. May Allah guide us to the right path and Victory..AMeen.

  4. Maxima Robinson says:

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu,

    Can anyone tell me where to buy this full lecture?
    jazakallahu Khayran

  5. Muaad says:

    W’Alaikum Assalam,

    You can find the DVDs to this workshop at:

  6. lydia says:

    May Allah protect this man who gives us so much wisdom.

  7. eelya says:


    this video is private? :'(

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