Tolerance: A Hallmark of Muslim Character

Hamza Yusuf

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One Response to “ Hamza Yusuf – Tolerance: A Hallmark of Muslim Character ”

  1. Maryam Hajar says:

    Alhamdulillah!! A message for all Muslims. Sh. Hamza is one of the voices of knowledge that we as Muslims, especially in the U.S., can learn from to strengthen our din by listening and practicing what is revealed to this great scholar, by Allah ta ala. Subanallah, many blessings to him and his family. We who live in areas of the U.S. in non-Muslim communities are much like the abandoned ones in the desert, who are trying to live our Islam alone or with little support. This lecture–and all offered by Halal Tube, is for us all who are living apart from the ummah and have everyday challenges such as wearing hijab, dressing modestly, finding halal food, places to make wudu, and places in public to pray, living in accordance with Islam in rejecting usery, etc etc. Thank you and Salams,
    Maryam Hajar Garvock

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