Salafi vs. Sufi & Bid’ah

Hasan Ali

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  1. About :
    Sheikh Hasan Ali was born and brought up in the West Midlands. His Islamic education began with the memorisation of the Qur’an followed by learning the Arabic language together with many other sciences. In 1997, after nine years of studying the Islamic Sciences, he completed his Aalimiyyah (MA Islamic Studies eqv), graduating from the famous Madrasah Qasim Al-Uloom, in Sylhet Bangladesh (Dargah Madrasah) where he came first in the entire regional board among thousands of candidates. Sheikh Hasan also has an MA in Educational Psychology from the Institute of Education, University of London.

  2. Rizvi says:

    It is only Salafis that call other Muslims as Soofies. We are not Sufi we are all Muslims unlike you guys who are Salafis. At best you can call us as Hanafi coz he is the first one of the fuqaha. They call it madhab. Our madhab is Islam for convenience sake we are Hanafi, Shafaee, Hanbali or Maliki and there is nohting wrong with them. All are correct. Now who are these Salafites to call us soofies? Remove Saudi petrodollar funding I will see where they stand. Most of them will desert them.

  3. Rizvi says:

    So he has categorised us as Soofi and them as Salafis. Soofis do not exist except in your mind. You are lying that you dont care about Salfis. By defining us as Soofies you are a Salafis. Except Salafis no body calls us Soofies. We are just Muslims. You are just a spokesman of a Salafi. Before 100 years before the advent of Wahabism the Ummah was totally united. Najad has divided us. Shame on you touts of the Saudis.

  4. Syed Shah says:

    SBT Guys. Shirk, Bida, Taqleed. Shirk no Muslim does. Bida is not even mentioned in the Quran. Taqleed – yes we follow the great Imam Hazrath Imam e Azam Imam Abu Hanifa. Salafies also follow a fiqh but lie that they do not follow any fiqh. They follow the fiqh of Hambali or that of Abdul Wahab Najdi and have hijacked Hazrath Imam Taimia to lend themselves credibility. Salafies are going too far. They have divided the Muslim Ummah. Because of them we have terrorism in the Musilm world. Because of them we lost 1/3 of Sudan and the most green and fertise area. Somalia and Nigeria are split apart coz of the same Wahabi ideology. Pakistan is lost to Wahabi ideology. Mali was lost to them and they have destroyed the 1250 year old Islamic books and heritage. Salafism will drive Muslims away from Islam with their ignorance and tunnel vision.

  5. Qazi Hassan says:

    The opposite of Sufi is Darbari Mulla. At times of Rasulullah SAW there was a platform (suff in Arabic) where dedicated companions used to sit, therefore people of platform (Ashab us Suffa in Arabic). They ate cheap (very little) and wore cheap (usually a woolen cloth) so they would spend less earning their living, and more time on the platform learning from the Prophet. This cloth was later called Suf after Ashab us Suffa.

    Starting from Yazeed the Kings started redefining Islam to suit their rule, with the help of clerics on their payroll (Darbari Mulla in Urdu). While they enjoyed a luxurious life, true ulema had to eat cheap and wear cheap like Ashab us Suffa. Wearing Suf got them the title Sufi.

    In modern times the examples of Darbari Mullahs are Bin Bazz, Ibn Uthaymeen, Albani etc who sold their soul to the Saudi King issuing fatwas against Islam but favoring the rule. These people call themselves Salafi.

    Salafi originates from the cursed land of Nejd which is now called central province. Rasulullah SAW warned us that Dajjal would appear from there, and also the horn of the Satan shall rise from there.

    Indeed the horns of Satan rose from Nejd in the form of Ibn Abdul Wahhab Nejdi (ancestor of Wahhabi mullahs like Bin Bazz) and Ibn Saud Nejdi (ancestor of Saudi royal family). With the help of the British they ended the last Muslim superpower ie Ottomon Empire, and ensured creation of Israel.

    Saudies also spend trillions of dollars to finance Saddam to attack Iran in which one million Muslims got killed from each side. They then financed USA to attack Iraq that saw another million killed. Now they are financing terrorist organizations in Pakistan that has killed 40,000 Muslims so far.

    Pray that Allah save us from the fitna of fasadies from the cursed land of Nejd called Salafies.

  6. Qazi Hassan says:

    The job of agents of Western crusaders e.g Hassan Ali is to create rift among Muslims and make them fight on trivial things, and destroy Islam from inside. On the orders of these crusaders, Saudi Arabia pays heavily to these fitna fasadies.

  7. Sister in Islam says:

    Jazak Allah Khair Br. Hassan for explaining everything so clearly. I benefitted a lot from this talk. I think your talked helped me to understand everyone better and to unite with them, alhamdullilah!

  8. Mrs Atiya Rajbee says:

    Very pertinent talk Br. Hassan. We are all muslims first and foremost. Despite our little differences we should join hands and fight our real enemies with one voice, and not be divided among ourselves.

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