Yusuf: Exploring the Chapter of Joseph in the Holy Quran

Hesham Al-Awadi

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13 Responses to “ Hesham Al-Awadi – Yusuf: Exploring the Chapter of Joseph in the Holy Quran ”

  1. AISHA says:

    manshaallah,what a nice narration this is! may ALLAH reward
    you 4 the time and effort.i really enjoyed every bite of it
    i hope it will change other lessoners just as it has changed me.please be positive in life and patient with
    difficulties because the roots of pain are bitter but the
    fruits are sweet.may ALLAH forgive our sins and pardon us
    with the rigtious ones.Allahuma amin

  2. Abdul Jaleel says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT gives special talent to whom
    He SWt wishes. Brother Hesham Al-Awadi is one of them.
    Another person whom I know has given more explanation about Sura Yusuf in his web site:- Quran-tafsir.org
    Here you find lot of other suras are explained with more detailed manner.
    Please visit and spread the news to our brothers and sisters.
    Jazakallahu kairan,
    Abdul Jaleel

  3. shiza says:

    A.a, masha Allah sir it may have been a torture for u to have researched so intensely but all hard work alhumdolillah definately paid off, one of THE best lectures EVER and may Allah reward you manifest.
    could we have more lectures by the gentleman please?

  4. Farhad says:

    ONE OF THE BEST OUT THERE!! I love his material. Im shocked his not known in America. He is very popular UK.

    One of the most relevant speakers of our time.

    Thank you HalalTube!!

  5. Kauthar says:

    May Allah increase you in knowledge. The Story of YUSUF has been one of my theme Surahs since my Shahadah in 1973. Named my second son Yusuf and have reflected on the lessons thru lifetime. This was a most beautiful explaination and has given me more guidance to follow in life. I have told others to listen and learn.

  6. hassan says:

    masha Allah,he is a good speaker n he is a regular @ jimas conference in uk,some other lectures from him is The 4 imams,Children around the prophet(pbuh),women during the prophet times,also some amazing lecture title marital life,names of Allah available 2 download from jimas.org

  7. Abu Yasmeen says:

    as salaam alaikum wa rahmaatulahi wa barakaatu!

    jazack Allahuu Kahir to Halal Tube and Shaykh Heesham!

    Did anyone else have problems with the files skipping?

    Abu Yasmeen

  8. hanif says:

    you can download more hesham al awadi lectures here:

  9. Imaani says:

    Mashallah. So relevant for Muslims in America. Especially after the most recent set of events. I wonder why we havent heard others address topics in such a direct manner.

    That is an excellent recommendatin. Great speaker as well.

    I wonder if its because he is a historian.

    -Umm Jannah

  10. Murshed says:

    Mashallah! That was a great explanation of Surah Yusuf. May Allah reward this brother.

  11. Abu Usama says:

    Asalamualykum, what a great lessons derived from a great surah about a grate prophet by a grate shaikh. I learned that you don’t have to be a prophet of Allah or the most handsome person Allah created, or even be the son of a prophet of a prophet of a prophet to contribute positive thing in life, to have an impact in your surrounding, and to be an example for the whole mankind and hence to guide them. Wallah these story of Yusuf AS has inspired me to become a decent and enthusiastic person and a better muslim as a whole. I thank Allah for revealing such Surah to Mohamed AS, and then thank Shaikh Hesham for his time and effort for attempting to make this story of Yusuf, the best story, applicable and relevant to us in this time.

  12. Zayed says:

    A great audio. This is amazing set of lessons addressing the most important thing for the community today. What it means to be a man and a great way to do it. Mashallah!

  13. Haroon says:

    One of the best speakers and historians in our community. This is excellent and extremeely vital material for our context. Alhamdulillah, May Allah bless brother Hesham.

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