How not to do Dawah

Ahmed Deedat

6 Responses to “ Ahmed Deedat – How not to do Dawah ”

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum I love Ahmad Deedat this video is very helpful to all muslims that wants to make Dawah to any non muslim.May Allah(swt) make it easy for us all ameen.P.S.we should always use illm and hikmat.Wasalaam

  2. miir says:

    alhamdulillah,very interesting topic and a practical reminder…may Allah bless him will jannatul firdaus.
    n may He guides and helps us in the journey to convey the message of Islam to the whole world…

  3. yama says:

    Alhumdullah, Ahmed was a blessing.

  4. neat says:

    assalamu aleikum, first i’d like to pray for shiekh ahmad deedat and i hope he reaches the place in heaven he deserves but i would also like to comment on that the transelator did not do a very good job in translating and made a couple of important mistakes. i urge people to try to either listen to it in english or get a better translation

  5. Abdul khalid says:

    May Allah blessing Ahmad dedaat O,you blieve in Allah it is time to wake up.


    May Allah(swt) bless Sheikh Ahmed Deedat with Jannat Ul Firdaus. A very provocative speech for all. We miss Ahmed Deedat very much.

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