31 Responses to “ Muhammad Alshareef – Humanity’s Teacher: 21 Teaching Techniques ”

  1. Muslimsister says:

    This lecture series is amazing masha’Allah!

  2. Mteezy says:

    I’m only up to part 5, but I’m taking notes on this lecture series.. so if anyone wants it when I’m done let me know. Asalamu alaykum

  3. Muslimah says:

    I am interested in the notes if you can send them to me. samdiah@hotmail.com. Jazakallah.

  4. Kamel says:


    I will also be interested in the notes, please send the notes at kams_maistro@hotmail.co.uk

    Jazakallah Khayren

  5. Saima says:

    ASA, please share the notes with me JAK shizadi282@gmail.com

  6. saaliha says:

    salaams, id also really appreciate a copy of the notes (saalihabegum@hotmail.com)jazakallah

  7. shakila says:

    assalamu alaykum subhanallah i will really appreciate acopy of notes jazakallah khayrun katheera

  8. Towfiq says:


    I am interested in the notes, please send the notes at ahmedtowfiq@yahoo.com

    Jazakallah Khayren

  9. Hi. We all need to ask one simple question to ourselves: What would I do if I needed to make this decision again? What did I hear? What did I feel? NOT why did he/she talk to me like that? What did I do to deserve this? There is only one way to master our relationships; it is mastering our way of communication style.

  10. firdose athif says:

    Could u pls send me the notes for this lecture , i would love to have them. May Allah (SWT)

  11. firdose athif says:

    May Allah (SWT) Reward you, for your help and efforts Ameen.

  12. huma tariq says:

    assalamu alaykum !I am interested in the notes, please send the notes at humatariq1@hotmail.com
    jazakallah khair

  13. Bilquis says:


    I would really appreciate if u could kindly send me the notes to bilquisyusuff@gmail.com. May Allah swt give u ahsanul jaza ,Aameen!

  14. Ahmad says:

    I would love a copy of the notes
    ahmad_h7@live.com JAK may allah reward you.

  15. farzaneh says:

    Hello.I am from iran. I would be thankful if you could send the notes to me.Thanks so muc

  16. Kurshed says:

    I would love a copy of the notes
    knabila786@yahoo.com. Jazakallahu Khairan.

  17. nabeela mehboob says:

    kindly send me notes

  18. khadija says:

    salam, i would really appreciate those notes. ive been wanting to sit through it myself yet never got chance! jzk

  19. Warda says:

    salaam, i really would like to have the notes too.

  20. saba says:

    Asalam o alikum
    This is the link of notes
    you all can get them from this official site of Muhammad Alshareef

  21. Hussain says:

    Jazakallah Khir, Shaikh

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