Making Space for All Muslims

Hussain Kamani


In this day and age in our Muslim Communities, as we celebrate at this Convention, Stories of Resilience: Strengthening the American Muslim Narrative, we need to not only highlight the successful initiatives, but also explore different challenges facing American Muslims today. It is imperative that we make progress towards our “model” masajids and how we should shape the Muslim community as we grow and move ahead. Staying true to our Islamic tradition, Muslims should be at the forefront of promoting and building an inclusive and welcoming environment to all. As we plan our expansions to our beautiful centers, and our Campus activities with exciting new projects, we need to better address the needs of our Women/Sisters even Children. Never forgetting to consider the Sick, the Disabled, the Minority, the Vulnerable and the New Revert Muslims among others. Beyond just awareness of these needs, we must offer our utmost support and serve these groups well as we integrate them fully into the fabric of our MSAs, our Shuras and Masajids. The focus should be to emulate the role of the Prophet (SAS)’s masjid and promote meaningful services and inclusion of everyone; meeting needs and growing a diverse, enriched community in the process.

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