Trials and Tribulations

Ibrahim Dremali

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  2. Khalid says:

    I waited and waited for the speaker to talk about the title of the speech, but the speech finished and he didn’t discuss anything about the topic of the title other maybe for about 1 minute. The speech title should be changed to something else. I really don’t know what, because it was all random stuff.

  3. jA says:

    the biggest trial and tribulation is the fact there is no unity in Islam,That’s the whole message, bring people together.

    He always speaks from the heart, may Allah make his trial a way for him to get paradise ameen.

  4. jA says:

    to help through trials look at:
    – the book- quran
    – the suunah of SAW
    -the three fundementals:
    1-the scholars deciding a certain issue
    2- be away from desire and our purpose for only Allah swt.
    3- check the authneticity of the sources you are dealing with

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