In The Footsteps of The Prophet (s)

Hamza Yusuf


Hamza Yusuf implores the audience to consider the major crisis of our time: the disillusion of the human soul itself. He then presents a program based on a hadith in which the Prophet (P) said, “I was sent to perfect noble character.” In this context, he outlines the two primary concerns of the Muslim, the heart and the limbs, and the need to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet (P) by utilizing his divinely-inspired methodology to guard them.

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13 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – In The Footsteps of The Prophet (s) ”

  1. Muslim says:

    Masha Allah, Masha Allah, Masha Allah!

  2. nasir says:

    May Allah grant our brother Sheikh Hamza the highest paradise and may Allah make him be with our beloved prophet Mohamed(swa).I thank Allah, the most axalted, the most supreme, the first and the last for giving Sheikh Hamza Yusuf the ability to understand the Qur’an like the Sahaba understood it and for having the guts to translate it without fear. May Allah give him a long life for our benifit.

  3. Habib says:

    comeon Muslim brothers.. there is still hope when we have scholars like sheikh Hamza Yousuf

  4. muhammad says:

    may allah reward shaykh hamza yusuf and elavate his ranks and give him long life to benifit from him ameen

  5. Fan says:

    When was this lecture given? Anyone have the date or even the year?

    This man is amazing, Masha’Allah. He’s opened my eyes and heart like no other scholar.

  6. Sheikh Azraai says:


    can someone please be kind enough to send me this video? I truly appreciate it.

    Sheikh Azraai

  7. hayat says:

    wa aleykum salam
    here’s the lecture uploaded by another youtuber

  8. Maxima says:

    Why can’t I see this video?

  9. AH says:

    Ameen to all the beautiful dua’s on here for Shaykh Hamza

  10. Abubakr Solomon says:

    can someone please mail me this video.


  11. Abubakr Solomon says:

    can someone please mail me this video? My email address is


  12. Faseeha Noordeen says:

    AAWW, Can someone e-mail me this vedeo. My e-mail is May Allah reward you for this.

    It is another amazing lecture that can make an impact in diffrent continents. May Allah preserve our scholar Hamza Yusuf and give us mnay more scholars like him to preserve this deen.

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