In the Middle of the Night

Muhammad Alshareef

6 Responses to “ Muhammad Alshareef – In the Middle of the Night ”

  1. Huda says:

    This really opened my eyes, iam ashamed to say i am addicted to the alarm clock, subhanallah. Absolutley brilliant lecture, very deep, and intellectual.
    love this lecturer. *****

  2. ilm seeker says:

    I am so ready to implement everything I have learned in this lecture. This is definitely beneficial to someone who has trouble waking up for fajr and is a slave of sleep. May Allah helps us all. Ameen.

  3. I learnbed alot from this lecture may allah reward Muhammad alshareef for bringing this topic
    may allah guide us and help us wake up for qiamu al lail and fajr


  4. Berina says:

    It’s vital to note that rasullulah slept on his right side and scientifically this has proven beneficial since when one sleeps on his/her right side then less strain is placed on the heart. This allows for easy blood flow and assists the liver and kidneys. Also, I’m glad that it was mentioned in this lecture that there is nothing better than synchronizing one’s sleep schedule with the sun; rising when it rises, sleeping when it sets. Many have cured themselves of the likes of cancer just by implementing such a sleep regime. Implementing such a sleep schedule is difficult in today’s day and age and due to Edison’s advent of the light bulb it makes it even more ardent. 🙂

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  6. Jawad Rasul says:

    Through implementing these tips last night, I just had the most productive day in months. The most powerful thing is that if you break the three knots of shaitaan, you don’t feel sleepy all day, especially after Fajr.

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