Ingrid Mattson – A Conversation with Ingrid Mattson

March 12, 2009 | 4 Comments »

4 Responses to “ Ingrid Mattson – A Conversation with Ingrid Mattson ”

  1. Mauree says:

    Asalamu ‘alaikum,

    Mashallah, she never ceases to amaze me with her eloquence and fluidity in her speeches and talks! May Allah keep her amongst those influencing the youth for the development of a greater generation of Muslim leaders and success Ameen. Jazallah Khair for the video!

  2. D.GALAL says:

    Noah’s Ark Hadramout Yemen. سفينة نوح علية السلام MUST WATCH!!! دابة العنكبوت تكشف عن موقع سفينة نوح علية السلام من القران الكريم وهي حاليا موجودة في حضرموت.شبوة. اليمن ادخل

  3. Sarah Amena says:

    MashAllah!!!!!! This woman is amazing! What a wonderful role model for us sisters! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!

  4. Alma says:

    Great role model for Muslim women.

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