Interview on Spanish Channel

Ingrid Mattson

Ingrid Mattson entrevista Ciudad de las Ideas

5 Responses to “ Ingrid Mattson – Interview on Spanish Channel ”

  1. Fakhr says:

    ‘my most dangerous idea is relegious authority being in the hands of a believer’

    ‘I cannot prove that my God exists’

    What exactly is going on here…?
    I know there’s experiencial knowledge of God (Ma’rifa), but Isn’t the muslim meant to come to the realization of the creator through observation and reflection of the creation.
    Isn’t the world around us and everything in it, and what we discover from the Koran meant to be proof of God?

    I’m confused… what is she trying to say in this interview.

  2. nattauhi says:

    She says “…in the hands of the believer” I believe she is saying that she fears the individual believer having the religious authority to make their own decisions, meaning someone decides its okay to kill a hundred innocent people in the name of Islam

    As for the other one, Allahu Alam

  3. Insan says:

    Her comment that she can’t prove that God exists is technically true. Allah is beyond our reach or measurement in the physical realm. So as the word “proof” is understood in today’s world, it’s true that we can’t prove that Allah exists. Allahu Alam.

  4. Muhammed says:

    “I cannot prove that my God exists” – Ingrid Matson
    “it’s true that we can’t prove that Allah exists” – Insan

    Come-on guys! Does Allah not prove to us his existence by his many arguments and reasoning in the Qur’an. Look at a basic verse from the Qur’an:

    “Will they not contemplate upon the Koran? If it had been from other than Allah, they would surely have found in it many contradictions.”


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