Intelligent Faith: The Role of Reason and Intellect in Islam

Yasir Qadhi

6 Responses to “ Yasir Qadhi – Intelligent Faith: The Role of Reason and Intellect in Islam ”

  1. kashif says:

    mashALLAH shaykh yasir does it again.

  2. Hakim says:

    While I understand the strong warning given regarding questioning of the validity and the perfectibility of the Qur’an and the Hadith, I believe that Yasir Qadhi could have done more to expound upon the role of reason and intellect in Islam when attempting to discover the Islamic view on several hot button contemporary issues.

  3. AR 'Aqeedah says:

    i agree Hakim…but really its more of an ‘Aqeedah and not a Fiqh lecture…

    what you are speaking about requires 15 lectures…

  4. AR 'Aqeedah says:

    a truly simple and amazing lecture.

    i just love the linguistic explanation of ‘Aql by Shaikh Yasir Qadhi and the way that it is relayed in the Qur’aan. Just plain life changing.

  5. Ahsan Sayed says:

    Great lecture mashallah. A very relevant topic.

  6. Riyaz says:

    There are some fundamental flaws in this lecture. Although I am grateful that a traditional scholar like him did give some weight to the usage of intellect. Most won’t even do that.
    What he suggested to the Muslims is not very different from what he attributed to the Christians and the Hindus. Since no body ever reaches perfect faith, they should always question. There is no such thing as a state of faith beyond which all questioning stops. Actually Muslims do exactly that and we see what is happening around us. That is exactly blind belief.
    And regarding the hadeeth of Sahih Bukhari, he didn’t explain what it means by the Sun going under the throne of Allah. Many ahadeeth cannot be explained scientifically.

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