Interview with Mark Lawson (BBC)

Hamza Yusuf

8 Responses to “ Hamza Yusuf – Interview with Mark Lawson (BBC) ”

  1. zakiyah says:

    Salam Alaikum. couldnt resist but say, What an amazing individual. May Allah increase his knowledge and understanding and may the Ummah benefit from his hikma!

  2. Helena says:

    As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullah!
    He has a lot of peace in his voice… it is a pleasure to listen to his lectures. Mashaallah for his knowledge and for his way of speaking and explaining.

    Salam from Germany!

  3. Jarrod says:

    I love this brother for the sake of Allaah.Imay not agree with him on issues of theology and jurisprudence however Icant say that I have ever listened to nim and not benefited from him.May Allaah make is footsteps firm on the truth and for the truth and increase his light.America is fortunate to have the likes of him as one of Its sons.God bless you Shekh Hamza.

  4. Mohamed Camara says:

    Brother Jarrod. I want to command you for your above comment. I think if most people looked at all of these lectures with the same mindframe, then we would all always benefit from every lecture just about. It’s not only in religion that you will find disagreement, it’s something that exists in all walks of life. I cannot for the life of me understand it when some people critize Hamza Yusuf when this man is Allah’s gift to Muslims in the west. Every single one of his lectures offer more remedy than ill. I love this brother. Mashallah may Allah bless him.

  5. mohamed says:

    salam brother mohamed camara amin to ur dua shaykh hamza yusuf is a true wali of allah may allah preserve him for this ummah and elvate his ranks i really love shaykh hamza yusuf for the sake of allah

  6. Jarrod says:

    My dear fellow Camara,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on your statement that Hamza Yusuf is a gift to the muslims of the west. I would add further a Godsend to the west. America should be proud to have such a man as a son of it’s land.

  7. Farhan Aftab says:

    There is no link ….youtube is blocked in pakistan. Please fix this problem in this and many other lectures and kindly provide an audio link at least. JazakAllah khair.

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