Is there a God?

Abdur-Raheem Green

Part 1:

Part 2:

7 Responses to “ Abdur-Raheem Green – Is there a God? ”

  1. Saïd says:

    Very good masha-Allah, a clear and a logical speach. May Allah protect him and prosper in this world and in the herafter. Continu the good work.

  2. Asad Samad says:

    Salaam to all brothers !

    I am a fan of Abdur Raheem. He has the ability to impress. May Allah give him more power to deliver the true message… Ameen

  3. zakkiyya says:

    Very Very Good Lecture 🙂

  4. areeba says:

    i love his accent 🙂

  5. arzomand says:

    Allah bless him and Allah accept him to spread more and more light of islam. ameen

  6. omar boutalbi says:

    May Allah bless him. Very clear ,understandable and scholarly speeches with very detailed and convincing arguments . May Allah increase him in knowledge and benefit us from it. I love Abderraheem for the sake of Allah.

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