It’s been a while…

Alhamdulillah.  It’s been a while since we posted an update.  There aren’t any real updates, unfortunately.  We’re also still working on making the audio lecture available for download into .mp3 format.  The issue is not if we can do it, the issue is whether we are willing to do it or not.  Actually it’s not that either.  The real truth is that our team is very busy.  Extremely busy that we don’t have time to even sleep properly.  So please make dua for the Halal Tube team that we have more free time for Halal Tube.  JazakAllah khair!

May Allah (swt) accept your duas and grant you all jannat-ul-firdaus.  Ameen!  Please share this site with your family and friends!

Halal Tube Team

4 Responses to “ It’s been a while… ”

  1. kazi says:


    akhi, i think it’s a great job you brothers are doing…and honestly, the stuff here that are posted already are great and sufficient for now. =] you guys should rest =] take it easy

    jazakallah khair for all your efforts


  2. Suhail says:

    Salaamu Alaikum,

    I second that. Please take care of immediate responsibility. Indeed we appreciate your teams effort and May Allah place barrakah in it. Ameen

    WaJazakAllahu kair, Wasaalaamu Alaikum

  3. Abdul Jaleel says:

    May Allah bless you for the wonderful job you all are doing,

  4. Sara says:

    Mashallah you are all doing a really great job, and inshallah this site has helped many people. So don’t stress!

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