God’s Vision for Mankind: Envisioning a Just and Moral Society

Jamal Badawi

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  1. Khalid says:

    Dr Badawi, May Allah bless and keep you in good health, insha-Allah. Your talks and lectures always proceed in a very clear succinct manner and style.
    The Quran came, and the Prophet was sent to deliver it to the whole of mankind but a primary objective was to set-up a “Just and Moral Society.” Alhamdulillah. This is in fact the proper Arabic meaning of the term Aqeemu-salat. Allah did not send our beloved messenger, Mohammed s.a.w. to establish prayer! This incorrect English translation of Aqeemu-salat is a gross miscarriage of justice. Were the people not already praying? Did Allah send the Prophet to teach us how to pray? In addition the crux of the issue is this- we muslims are told that the only criterion to judge, is BY QURAN ALONE, WITH ALLAH AS THE JUDGE. So why then if the method of prayer is so important to todays muslims, is the method of salat not stated anywhere in the whole Quran. Allah states in surah Al-Anaam 6:38 “We have not omitted anything from the Book.”
    Prophet Mohammed did not come to establish prayer. What he was sent for was to deliver the message, the Quran and to establish a Just and civil society. A moral society where every man, women and child would be safe and secure citizens of that society. Such a society once existed under the Khalifa Hazrat Umar. It is recorded in History that under his rule, not even a dog went hungry! The society that put into practice the laws and regulations as laid down in the Holy Quran became the envy of the world. So much so that a Liberal leader of Parliament in the 1940’s set up in England, the Welfare State system. This system was based upon that put into practice by Hazrat Umar.
    While the so called muslim nations of the world adhere to barbaric man-made law and corruption it is the West that is moving ever closer to true Islamic ideals. The west have laws that protect the weak and vulnerable, laws that prevent an employer from making someone work longer than is legal.Minimum age for work. Health and Safety in the work place etc etc.
    Its ironic that the west without realising it are practicing Islamic law! Perhaps they do know?
    Islam means Peace, Islamic laws and regulations are based upon PERMANENT VALUES, ethical values, moral values, this is the essence of Quranic teaching, from the Quran. A society that wishes to advance in the direction, will inherently head toward Quranic Values.
    wa-Salam, wa-Salat

  2. Khalid says:

    I would like to add this analysis to my previous comment, just in case someone picks up on it! It is this, although the West is by and large fine tuning its laws and regulations in line with true Quranic principles, it has of late, in some countries, introduced some legislation that in my opinion has regressed the current trend. I do not wish to elaborate too much for fear of being classed homophobic and sent to prison for voicing an opinion. History is rife with examples of nations that exceeded the bounds of moral decency. These nations destroyed themselves by the universal concept of Mufaqat ke Amal. A universal Law laid down by the Creator. The christian church is against the tide and flow of such changes. The leaders however have decided otherwise. History has an uncanny knack of repeating itself. Until and unless nations and societies adopt the correct moral code the society will inherrently collapse. True moral code can not be given by “men” because we can see the fruits of their decisions already. A true moral framework of society that is “Just” in the correct manner can only be put into practice by using the universal concepts and injunctions as laid down in the Holy Quran.
    May Allah help to bring such a society, in a peaceful,respectful and mutually conducted way. Such a society once existed that had many divergent groups of peoples with differing religious views, however they all lived in harmony.
    wa-salam, wa-salat

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