From Atheism to Belief: A Journey to Islam in North America

Jeffrey Lang

15 Responses to “ Jeffrey Lang – From Atheism to Belief: A Journey to Islam in North America ”

  1. ibnmasood says:

    Amazing talk about the philosophical “problem of evil” and how the Quran addresses it!

    • Ali Adams says:

      Salam dear Mr Lang,

      Please read my free book “Soul and Spirit” to get more answers in sha Allah!

      Ali Adams
      God > infinity

      • Ali Adams says:

        π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795…
        e = 2.7182818284590452353602874713527…
        φ = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656…
        1st common digit 9 is found at position 12

        φ = 2 cos ( π / 5 )

        π = 5 acos ( 5 φ )

        e^(i π) + 1 = 0 where i = sqrt(-1)

        Amazing Quran verses per chapter hiding φ and more:








        7906 / 4885 = 1.6184237461617195496417604912999
        but φ = 1.6180339887498948482045868343656
        diff 0.0003897574118247014371736569343 <<

  2. imimat says:


  3. Ahmed Khan says:

    Dr. Lang’s explanation is extraordinarily touching and
    spiritually heart-rending. It prompts us to hear him again and again. May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him and his family

  4. TrueBahraini says:

    Guys this is one of the best lectures I’ve ever watched mashallah.

    This is only the first 10 minutes of the full lecture, watch all the parts to get the most out of him.

    Unfortunately there are only 2 or 3 videos by Dr. Lang and this is by far the best of them.

    Inshallah he gets back on the circuit & provides us with a lot more !

    btw he has also authored 3 books only 1 which I’ve read and I can immediately recommend:

    I’m sure the other 2 are just as superb.

  5. idreis says:

    Really felt mr langs story i,am glad he has found the right path. May Allah continue to guide him .

  6. Visitor says:

    Mashallah, his lecture is amazing! I found more lectures for him at

  7. Stranger123 says:

    Mashallah, his lecture is amazing! I found more of his lectures at

  8. K Ahmed says:

    I could never imagine i would be taught the purpose of my life by a revert — (Applause) — God bless you for this heart warming, emotional and intellectual lecture.

  9. Moazzam says:

    The video is not showing up.

  10. nah says:


  11. shuibibr says:

    MasyaAllah bro Jeff… just love listening to your lecture… Very convincing. May Allah SWT perfect your life and bless you and family all the way. Let’s pray that we all get Jannah, Insyallah. Ameenn…

  12. shadab anwar says:

    But how can I download it

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