Jesus Christ in Christianity and in Islam

Ahmed Deedat

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2 Responses to “ Ahmed Deedat – Jesus Christ in Christianity and in Islam ”

  1. AbdulHakim says:

    to see and deeper/better understand

    = who the real MESSIAH DAJJAL (= Anti Christ)
    ideology & armies of our time are
    and their craftily duped zealous “followers” among some uninformed muslims, please visit the web site below:

    google: (reuters faithworld harun scotland)

    and see all the very critical comments & informations given by “Musa-Moses” brother there,
    especially starting at –May 11, 7:28–
    and then continuing downwards to the end,
    at the comments section.

    we may –inshaAllah– definitely be AWAKENED
    in these most critical times
    in the face of these MESSIAH DAJJAL CRUSADER ideologies & armies!

    only in Allah we seek refuge.

  2. orangecrush says:

    this person is ridiculous and not genious at all.. he can’t persuade bible and jesus christ only by words and sentence, it must be read a whole paragraph to know whats the meaning inside. Just a like a little child want to know the whole world by only reading a highlight in a newspaper

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