Journey into the Hereafter: The Signs of the Last Day

Abdullah Hakim Quick

Question and Answer Session:

3 Responses to “ Abdullah Hakim Quick – Journey into the Hereafter: The Signs of the Last Day ”

  1. Believer says:

    to see and deeper/better understand

    = who the real MESSIAH DAJJAL (= Anti Christ)
    ideology & armies of our time are
    and their craftily duped zealous “followers” among some uninformed muslims, please visit the web site below:

    google: (reuters faithworld harun scotland)

    and see all the very critical comments & informations given by “Musa-Moses” brother there,
    especially starting at –May 11, 7:28–
    and then continuing downwards to the end,
    at the comments section.

    we may –inshaAllah– definitely be AWAKENED
    in these most critical times
    in the face of these MESSIAH DAJJAL CRUSADER ideologies & armies!

    only in Allah we seek refuge.

  2. Aisha says:

    MashAllah, as usual, his lectures are interesting and full of Ilm. May Allah continue to guide & support brother Abdullah Hakim and keep him on the right path. Amen!

    Btw; There is this inappropiate adds on halaltube. And I wish this could be fixed asap! Jaz/AllahkumAllah Khyeran.

  3. ibrahim mukata says:

    Mashallah brother hakim,
    May Allah bless you and all the muslims who get to listen to you, make it settle in their hearts.Ameen.

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