Journey of the Soul After Death

Navaid Aziz

6 Responses to “ Navaid Aziz – Journey of the Soul After Death ”

  1. Helena says:

    This is a great lecture!

  2. Shukri says:

    Indeed,this was a great lecture Ma’shaAllah. It was a great reminder of the journey of the soul. May Allah swt. bless the Sheikh and his family. Ameen

  3. Asiah says:

    Allah Hu Akhbar!
    Masha Allah this is a beautiful lecture. I witnessed my husband’s eyes were looking up to the sky when the Angle of death came to him as I wishper the Shadah to his right ear.
    May Allah bless his soul and place him in the Silratul Jannah.
    May Allah guide us all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters to the right path. May our soul be wrap in the white silk wrap when our time come..Ameen
    Jazzak Allah-Khair Br Navaid Aziz, his family and to the people who made this lecture available on Halal Tube.

  4. Nisar says:

    really nice, thought a god portion of this i had already heard ddnt know in the meticulous details Sheikh gave it to me mashallah
    ma as salam

  5. abdul aziz says:

    mashalla my brotha..a lil rushed for the speaker but mssg. well received may Allah(swt) reward the brother..constant thought on my mind is the grave..this life is like waiting at the union keeps looking for his train to take him/her to their destinaton..the train is death..destination the grave..lets us all increase our tawqua of Allah(swt)..salam to the Umah!

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