Purpose of Life

Kamal el Mekki

2 Responses to “ Kamal el Mekki – Purpose of Life ”

  1. Rodrigo says:

    No matter what magic is kufr in Islaam, google
    Beware of Kamal el-Makki, the magician. Illusionary magic is HARAM
    to hear the authentic proofs. Note takfir on a specific person is for the scholars, but do listen to the proofs mentioned audubi Allaah!!!!!

  2. muslimah997 says:

    @Rodrigo Assalamu Alaykum brother,
    as far as i know, Sihr in Quran refers to black magic only. The ‘magic’ that brother el mekki does not involve taking the help of jinn or other evil ways that lead to kufr. this type of magic can be performed just about anyone i guess, with skill and practice. could you please cite your references and daleel for your statement?

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