Strengthening One’s Memory

Kamal el Mekki

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  1. Sis Anis says:

    Jazakallah khayran for this!

    Let me share some points on how to improve your memorization

    1) Sincerity – Do it for the sake of Allah swt. “When you do it for people, if people stop praising you or acknowledging you, you’ll stop or slow down”

    2) Make doa to Allah swt to give you the strength to memorize

    3) Stay away from sins! Sins will damage what you had already memorize and what you are memorizing

    4) Put EFFORT into memorization!

    5) Choose the good time to memorize. Some prefer to memorize after fajr, while others before sleeping, etc

    6) Physical position – Some prefer to memorize when mentioning it out loud, etc

    7) Act upon it. If you are memorizing a doa, quickly apply it. If you don’t, you’ll put at risk of forgetting it.

    8) If you can memorize the Quran, then it will be easier for you to memorize other things as well insha’Allah.

    “If you stop memorizing the Quran, not only the verse that you had memorize will never increase, however it will decrease. You’ll start forgetting it”

    In the Hadith, whereby the Prophet Muhammad saw relate the Quran with the camel.
    Why camel? Camel is the type of animal, no matter how close you are to it, it will never remember its owner. If the camel has the opportunity to run away, it will just run as fast as it could. (Unlike horse and other domestic animals)

    9) REPETITION! Never stop to keep reviewing it again and again! This is the best way of memorizing it.

    ” Knowledge protects you ”

    “True Knowledge reside in your memory not in the book or your notes”

    Sorry if there are any error. Allah knows best!

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