The Return of Jesus

Kamal El Mekki


What really happened to Jesus did he die, was he crucified, who was put on the cross?
When will Jesus Return and what will be his mission?
Why did Allah (God) raise Jesus up?
What will Jesus look like, where and when will he descend?
Who will Jesus follow when he returns?
Who and what is the dajjal (antichrist)?
What will the dajjal (antichrist) look like and where and when will he appear?
Who will kill the dajjal (antichrist) and what will happen after he is killed?
Who are the yajooj and majooj (gog and magog)?
Will Jesus Die in the end?
Why is it important to know these major signs of the hour?

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Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

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13 Responses to “ Kamal El Mekki – The Return of Jesus ”

  1. Khalid says:

    Brother Kamal, This is a very enlightening lecture, however as a muslim I do not believe in the notion that Hazrat Eesa is going to come back. This was a Christian conspiracy that was planted in the minds of people and also early so called muslim scholars, who passed down the incorrect translation of certain verses in the Quran to justify Hazrat Eesa coming back. Firstly the Arabic word Rafa does not mean physical raising up to heaven. The word means ” raised up in honour” Our parents try their best to raise us in honour, to bring us up as model citizens. It is true that Hazrat Eesa did not die at the point elaborated on in the Quran, it was made to look like he died. We cannot however from this infer that at some point later in his life he did not die, nor can we infer like the Christans would have us believe that he was raised from the dead after 3 days. Hazrat Eesa ate food , he walked in the markets, he bought food for himself, The Quran states all this as affirmation that Jesus pbuh was a human being. “We have not granted immortality to any person,” Surah Al-Anbiya 21:34. Is it not so that one day we are all going to be physically raised up from the grave? Are we all not going to be assembled in front of Allah swt and questioned by him? Even the prophets will be questioned. Let us assume for one minute that “rafa” means physically raised up, then why do we not believe that Hazrat Idris is coming back too! Why believe that only Jesus pbuh is coming back? The Quran states Surah 19:56 “Behold, Idris, he was a man of truth, a prophet, whom we raised onto a lofty station”. If you read the Arabic you will find the word Rafa! So why are we compelled by false translation that only Jesus pbuh is coming back, why don’t we now believe Hazrat Idris too is coming back, why has this too not been passed down by folk-lore? ALL Prophets HAVE DIED AND PASSED AWAY: 3:144 None shall return to put the world right, nor to do battle with Dajjal. There is no such thing as an anti-christ.No such thing as Dajjal, its all a conspiracy. The GREATEST AND FINAL MESSENGER for ALL time, came and delivered Thee Message, Thee Quran. Allah PERFECTED OUR DEEN at that time. It was meant for all time. NOTHING WAS OMITTED FROM THE QURAN ( 6:38) So why do we need Hazrat Eesa to return? This belief is Bidhah, it is false innovation that has infiltrated the minds of muslims. Please do Dua that this false believe gets removed from our Deen.
    Brother, no disrespect intended. You are my brother in Islam.
    Wa-Salam, Wa-salat.

    • Jameel says:

      How do you explain the authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim about the return of Esa alahis salaam? The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that he will return. It is not bid’ah at all. The return of Esa alahis salaam is one of the 10 major signs of the day of judgement and it is part of the aqeedah of ahlus-sunnah wa jama’ah.

    • Maryam Azam says:

      Brother I have read in Quran a verse which means that every soul has to taste death so if Hazrat Esa was raised up alive and will not come back then how he will taste death??

  2. Khalid says:

    If you are a muslim, then please reflect on this to finally convince you that Jesus pbuh is not coming back. Answer these questions in your own head –
    1. Is Jesus coming back?
    2. Is Prophet Mohammed s.a.w coming back, and does the answer to this appear in the Quran.
    3. If Jesus is coming back and Prophet Mohammed s.a.w is not, then which Prophet would appear to be more powerful?
    4. Now reflect on which group of people may have introduced the idea of Jesus pbuh coming back?
    As a muslim we must believe in all the prophets/messengers.I for one however do not wish to go against the Book of Allah and believe that Jesus pbuh is coming back.
    The false notion of the return of a promised messiah has led many to go so far as to believe he has already arrived, never mind that he is yet to come!
    We are all entitled to our belief. There is no compulsion in Deen.

  3. Khalid says:

    Salams Brother Jameel.

    I am deeply saddened. Allah states clearly in Quran Majeed that the people will “make this Book to no avail,” That they will ” take Hadith other than the BEST Hadith of Allah” We need to ask ourselves do we believe in Allah and His Book, Thee Quran? or do we start to take hadith written by “men” as precedent over Quran! There are 1.5million man-made hadith in total and if you collate all of the people who contributed to them you will get a sum of about 500,000 different people.. he said, that he heard it from so and so who heard it from so and so! I accept about 500 or so “authentic man-made hadith” because they concur with the Holy Quran, the rest I take with a pinch of salt.
    I would rather take my proof from Allah directly. Allah left us the most prestine , awe-inspiring Book that has changed nations and tribes.. Hasbuna Khitab- Allah… Sufficient for me is The Book of Allah.
    Show me evidence from The Quran that Hazrat Eesa is coming back? Then i will believe it. The man-made hadith that talk about it have been fabricated, and it was christians in the guise of muslim that incorporated this false believe into our Deen.
    Please research this topic yourself, the evidence is out there.

    With all due respect, Brother Khalid
    wa-salam, wa-salat

  4. Khalid says:

    Is Hazrat Eesa currently alive or is he dead? Was he a human being or not?
    Did he eat food or not? If he is alive, then where is he? Wich part of the sky is he sitting in? does he have oxygen mask, with 2000yrs of oxygen supply?
    Allah is omnipresent and omnipotent. Allah is everywhere. Allah is not confined to a throne in ne place somewhere up in the sky!
    The Quran states in 3:144 “And Mohammed is only an apostle’ apostles have passed away before him: if,then, he dies or is slain, will you turn on your heels” also 21:34 “never have we granted life everlasting to anyone”… every humsn being will taste death”.. and to us you will ALL return.
    Please dont fall into the hadith trap, or the christian trap. No one is going to return, trust me! Allah sent His final messenger, Mohammed s.a.w, as a warner, as a blessing and a mercy for the whole of mankind, so what need for the false believe that Jesus pbuh is coming back.
    wa-salam, wa-salat

  5. Khalid says:

    Sorry for some spelling mistakes in my previous comment.

  6. Muna says:

    Brother Khalid, I fear that you are treading on dangerous water. Please do not let the whispers of shaitan compromise your iman. Allah says that if you do not know, then follow those with knowledge. My point being it would make little sense to reject the interpretations of thousands of scholars. I must admit I myself am not well versed in the Quran, but our Lord has promised to protect His Holy Book from the misinterpretations of his creations. I advise that you place your trust in Allah, because surely Allah always keeps His promises

    • Khalid says:

      With respect to your reply regarding my posts, just because millions of people may believe in something, it doesn’t make it true. Allah states in The Quran, ” Do not follow a thing blindly, just because your fore-fathers believed in something” it is important for us to check and verify something. My Evidence for this topic comes straight from the Quran. I follow and accept and embrace the Words of Allah swt. There is no evidence in the Quran for such a ridiculous idea.
      At the end of the day, we are free to believe and accept something as we wish, there is no compulsion. I have put forward some views, you are free to listen and learn or not to listen nor accept.

  7. SincereMuslim says:

    Salam, Bro Khalid, I feel that you think of too much of yourself. On earth, we don’t deal with things with black and white. If some people do have hope of Issa (as), then what is your problem?? By the way, Quran doesn’t teach how to pray five times a day, is that means there is no such thing as Salaat?

    For religious matters, we don’t look for empirical evidence always. I personally believe, our ancestors who collected hadith were sincere. And they did collect a huge amount of sahih Ahadith. If you don’t trust, then you should put sometime studying science of hadith collection instead of talking NONE-SENSE. Even if some hadiths are fabricated, that doesn’t make all of them false.

    May I ask you what does “dajjal” mean? What does messiha mean? I think you should study Signs of End times. It won’t be a wasted life, else what are you going to do. only surf internet?? and watch rubbish on youtube??

  8. Sneed says:

    Read Ahmad Deedats book; crucifixion or cruci-fiction. In this book he makes it clear Jesus did not die ion the cross using evidence from Bible. He also explains Jesus (pbuh) survived according to the swThis is a complete lie. I challenge you to show swoon theory. He got criticized for taking Ahmadee belief.

  9. Khalid says:

    Ahmed Deedat is correct in his analysis. The glorious Quran States that Hazrat Eesa did not die on the cross nor was he put on the cross. It was all meant to look as if he was. The Arabic word Raffa means ” raised in honour,” it does not mean physically being raised up in the skies! Allah is Omnipressent, Allah is not confined to one particular place. Bearing this in mind, if Hazrat Eesa was raised up to heaven- Which place in heaven? where is his location? It is very disturbing that so called Muslims believe in absurdities! The Christians say Jesus is son of God, Muslims do not accept this yet they come up with something that contradicts the Quran! And is even more absurd.
    Hazrat Eesa was a human being, a Messenger of Allah. He did not die on the cross but at some stage of his human life, he passed away. To now believe he is coming back is a profound disbelief in the Book of Allah. This false belief detracts us from Al-Quran and the need to do good in the world, why should Muslims bother, after all Jesus is coming back and he will do battle on behalf of the Muslims and put the world to rights! Those of you who have posted derogatory posts regarding what I have previously written should wake up and go and search for the truth. To take things at face value and follow things blindly is going against what Allah saw asks of us.
    By postulating the return of Hazrat Eesa, the Muslim is now faced with having to invent further absurdities that come out of this false statement. You fell into a trap that was put there deliberately. By following mazhab instead of Deen you fail to acknowledge and put into daily practice all that Allah asks of us, you await a saviour in the form of Hazrat Eesa and forget the Message that was Perfected and given to us 1400years ago by the most amazing human being that has ever walked upon this earth and will ever walk upon this earth- Prophet Mohammed saw.

    • Fatimah Hasan says:

      The prophet (pbuh) said he left his ummah two things which is the Quran and his sunnah. A Muslim is not complete without following the two. If you deny the sunnah in this world , the prophet will deny you on The Day Of Resurrection. We are commanded by the Quran to make five salats a day. Without the sunnah how would we know how to make ablution and the prayer if not for the sunnah? It is from the mercy of Allah that we are rightly guided by the example of Muhammad.(pbuh)

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