Real Men Don’t Hit Women

Khalid Latif

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Part 2:

5 Responses to “ Khalid Latif – Real Men Don’t Hit Women ”

  1. Muslimah says:

    MashAllah, very touching and well-spoken. An extremely important topic. May Allah reward him, inshAllah.

  2. Firdous says:

    MashAllah it is inspiring to hear a brother speaking on this subject of abuse. Remeber the prophet Muhammad (saw) said that ……muslims will follow those who have wicked and evil ways from the people of the book. It is important throughout the worlds ummah that we try to stabalise the fall out from the evils of mankind by doing, living and behaving in a more appropriate way.

  3. Sister J says:

    Mashallah!! I have not come across any talk regardin this issue, i cannot express how this talk has inspired me to do what I can inshallah in the power that I have.
    May Allah tala give us the mental strength and ability to help our muslim sisters in these distressing situations, inshAllah. Help can be offered . . . .maybe we should try and set up a helplines, so sisters can call and speak to someone well equiped with advice and dawa. Lets find a way to bring this forward inshAllah

  4. Yasmeen Aleece says:

    Khalid !! you need to take a breath. Youre making me clear my throat every 2 mins. Hamdulillah nice work. 🙂

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